Full Cast of Car Masters: Rust to Riches Season 5 on Netflix - Meet the People In New Episods

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Car Masters Netflix Season 5 Cast

Netflix's Car Masters: Rust to Riches Season 5 is now streaming, taking fans back to the Gotham Garage to pop the hood on another set of iconic vehicles. 

This reality car restoration series has been running on the platform since 2018, chronicling the exploits of garage owner Mark Towle and his staff. The team turns classic cars into modern works of vehicular art sometimes valued in the high five-figure range.

Season 5 sees Towle and co. taking the shop big-time and partnering with high-end broker Nick Smith to turn his family-owned business into a potential grease monkey empire. 

Every Real Person in Car Masters: Rust to Riches Season 5

Mark Towle

Mark Towle in Car Masters

Mark Towle is the owner of the renowned California restoration garage, Gotham Garage. Towle is known for his work on custom classic cars and motorcycles and has served clientele from a-list celebrities to some of the world's most notorious collectors. 

Season 5 sees Towle trying to expand the reach of the garage, hoping to still maintain their custom car business while bringing in some big names to help network on behalf of the business. 

Shawn Pilot

Shawn Pilot in Car Masters

Shawn Pilot is a former actor who is a close compatriot with Mark and the rest of the Gotham Garage crew. Having worked in Hollywood for years, Pilot helps the garage with his connections getting the team anything they may need including potential buyers for their incredible creations. 

Pilot will be familiar to fans of Inside West Coast Customs another reality show centered on a California-based custom garage. 

Tony Quinones

Tony Quinones in Car Masters

One of Mark's most important employees at Gotham Garage is Tony Quinones. Quinones has worked under Mark for years, as his primary engineer and fabricator. 

Quinones uses his technical skill and artistic know-how to create some of the garage's most spectacular works and even owns his own custom car business named TQ Customs. 

Michael ‘Caveman’ Pyle

Michael ‘Caveman’ Pyle in Car Masters

Every workplace has a wildman and Michael 'Caveman' Pyle is Rust to Riches'. This California-born Gotham Garage employee is easily identifiable for his caveman-like look with his long luscious locks and mangey beard. 

Pyle has been a part of the Gotham crew since the very beginning of the series, and despite being a little goofy at times, is one of the restoration team's most proficient workers. 

Constance Nunes

Constance Nunes in Car Masters

Constance Nunes is the only female team member of Gotham Garage, keeping the boys in check as best she can while playing a key part in the restoration process. 

Nunes is a part-time model who spends her days restoring vehicles at the Temecula, California garage and is one of the team's best engineers. 

Nick Smith

Nick Smith in Car Masters

A new addition to Season 5 of Rust to Riches is Nick Smith. Nick is a big-time car broker brought in to help build important connections with buyers for Mark and the Gotham Garage team. 

Smith is a renowned name in the high-end custom car business previously working for several auction houses, and being a part of plenty of six-figure deals. 

Jake Cerveny

Jake Cerveny in Car Masters

Working alongside Brian Reich as a fabricator in the California classic car business, Jake Cerveny is brought in to help the Gotham Garage team as a part of Season 5. 

Cerveny is a trusted name and friend of Nick Smith and joins the Gotham crew thanks to their deepened relationship with the A-list broker. 

Brian Reich

Brian Reich in Car Masters

Brian Reich is a new fabricator who joins the Car Masters for Season 5. He hops aboard the Gotham Garage team along with Jake Cerveny, as the business branches out further than ever before. 

Thanks to a close relationship with Nick Smith, Reich comes to Gotham as the renowned broker starts to work closer with Mark Towle and the team. 

Season 5 of Car Masters: Rust to Riches is streaming now on Netflix. 

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