Who Is Conor Merrigan Turner? 5 Things to Know About Apples Never Fall Actor

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Conor Merrigan Turner

In the new Apples Never Fall miniseries, Logan Delaney is played by up-and-coming actor, Conor Merrigan Turner. 

Based on Liane Moriarty's novel, Apples Never Fall is Peacock's latest family mystery drama that follows the four Delaney siblings after their mother (played by Annette Bening) mysteriously disappears. 

For the miniseries, Conor Merrigan Turner took on the role of Logan, the youngest Delaney son; and as audiences come to know the actor through his latest role, here are five things to know about the rising star.

5 Facts About Conor Merrigan Turner

Conor Merrigan Turner in Apples Never Fall
Apples Never Fall

Conor Hails From Sydney, Australia

The 6'1" actor is from Sydney, Australia where, according to Turner's management, he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting) from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA). 

He also garnered acclaim for his 2020 performance as John Merrick in The Elephant Man at the Geoff Gibbs Theater. 

Apples Never Fall Is Conor's Big Break

Conor Merrigan Turner began his acting career in 2016; and in addition to appearing in three short films, including Max and Peanut, he also starred in 2022's Thai Cave Rescue and Tomorrow, When the War Began

In talking about landing the role of Logan for Apples Never Fall, which Turner described as "a whirlwind," he told Screen Rant that he previously worked "as a house painter" between acting gigs: 

"It was just a whirlwind. Processing the information of, 'Oh, I'm a part of this incredible story, I've got this amazing character that I love, I've got these just incredible castmates.' Being back home in Sydney, I was a house painter before this, in between jobs, painting houses from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m."

He's a Fan of The Office

One of Conor Merrigan Turner's Apples Never Fall costars is Jake Lacy, who played Pete Miller in the ninth and final season of The Office

In talking with both Screen Rant and Jake Lacy, Turner revealed he's a huge fan of the show and has "watched every season eight times:"

"And then, next job I'm on, I'm working with Jake Lacy from 'The Office,' a show I absolutely love. I've watched every season eight times." 

His Next Role Is for Netflix's Desert King

Apples Never Fall isn't Turner's only new role in 2024. 

He's also set to appear in a miniseries for Netflix titled Desert King which happens to be set in his native Australia. 

Does His Acting Homework

 In talking with PhotoBook Magazine, Turner pulled back the curtain on how he prepares for a role, including how he bought Liane Moriarty's novel as soon as he learned of the audition and "went straight to the nearest pub, sat down and began reading:"

"My engagement with the book predates my casting; I’m certainly not one of those actors who is overwhelmed with auditions, So when they do come along I’ve tried to hack a habit and use it as an opportunity to test out how quickly I can knock out a book. I saw the audition come through on my phone while up on the ladder at work, quickly it stood out as a big opportunity. I googled if my local bookshop had it in stock and as soon as I finished work I picked it up and went straight to the nearest pub, sat down and began reading."

Once he was cast as Logan Delaney, he immediately tried to "learn as much I could about Florida," which is where the series is set, and focused on recognizing "Logan's overall temperament" and his "familial role:"

"After hearing the news I’d be a part of the project, it was a rush to learn as much I could about Florida, so I could better understand the composition of someone who grew up there as opposed to the book's original location, North Sydney. I then started taking stock of the parallels and contrasting features of who Australian Logan and who American Logan were. By doing this I started to understand a little more about their internal makeup. Recognizing Logan's overall temperament and familial role was a priority that lay at the crux of a lot of his decision making so I really started there."

Apples Never Fall is currently streaming on Peacock.

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