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Captain America

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe prepares for its imminent return at the end of the night, a bomb of a news story dropped earlier that reported that Chris Evans is in talks to potentially return as Captain America in the MCU . This news has already made its way through online media outlets, and theories are being published on how Cap could find his way back into the MCU's Phase 4 future.

A new social media blast has arrived with a reaction to this news, and it's quite interesting considering the source from which it came.


After the news report from Deadline revealed that Chris Evans was in talks to return to the MCU as Captain America, Evans himself responded via his Twitter account with the simple message "News to me." The message was accompanied by a shrugging emoji.

Evans' full Tweet can be seen below:

Evans added this follow-up Tweet, clearly enjoying the social media reaction to this news:


Evans' return to the MCU is some of the most unexpected news the MCU fandom has seen in a while, which the actor clearly pokes fun at with both of his posts on social media. This likely isn't a sign that the reports are untrue, however, especially considering the original source is Deadline, a highly reliable trade in the entertainment industry.

Chris Evans has repeatedly mentioned that he would only return to the MCU if the story was right for Captain America . With everything coming down the pipeline in Phase 4 and beyond, there are surely plenty of opportunities for Steve Rogers to make his presence felt alongside the MCU's future heroes.

It also makes sense that the reports compared his role going forward to Robert Downey, Jr.'s in Spider-Man: Homecoming , in which the Iron Man star only had about 10 minutes of screentime. No specifics have been revealed in terms of projects, but it will be exciting to find out more as this story develops.

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