Chris Evans Gets Honest about Potential Marvel Comeback

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While Avengers: Endgame showcased Chris Evans' swan song as the MCU's Steve Rogers, the actor addressed if he will return as Captain America in the Multiverse Saga.

Although the MCU veteran previously admitted that he misses his iconic role, Evans claimed that it "would be upsetting" if a new chapter happened if it didn't land the right way, saying that it would require a "near-perfect recipe" to pull it off successfully. 

Moreover, Evans also pointed out that an MCU return would be a "tall order" for him, citing that he already had a "good run." 

Chris Evans Once Again Addresses MCU Return Possibilities 

Chris Evans, Marvel Studios

During a panel at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, Captain America actor Chris Evans, via Laughing Place, talked about potentially returning as Steve Rogers in a future MCU project. 

When asked about a possible comeback, Evans responded by saying "it's tough," noting how much the role means to him: 

“It’s tough, because look, I love that role deeply. He means so much to me, and I really do. 

While the MCU veteran said that he thinks that "there are more Steve Rogers stories to tell," Evans pointed out that he doesn't want to mess it up in any way: 

"Do I think there are more Steve Rogers stories to tell? Sure, but at the same time, I’m very, very precious with it. It’s like this little shiny thing that I have that I love so much and I just don’t want to mess up in any way."

Evans then reflected on his special time in the MCU as Steve Rogers before saying that "it doesn't quite feel right" to return "right now:"

"And I was a part of something that was so special for a really special period of time and in a way, it really landed so well. I don’t know. As much as I’m connected to that role and love telling those stories of working with those people, it doesn’t quite feel right, right now."

In January 2021, Deadline reported that Evans is "expected" to reprise his MCU role "in some form," stating that the comeback will happen "in at least one Marvel property with the door open for a second film."

Evans then reacted to the aforementioned report, saying that it's "news" to him, which indicated that he's unaware of a potential return. 

Will Chris Evans Return as Steve Rogers?

Chris Evans' latest comments suggest he is at peace with not returning as Steve Rogers in the MCU. However, his acknowledgment that there are more stories to tell about the character could offer a glimmer of hope for a comeback. 

Evans admitted that he misses portraying the Star-Spangled Avenger, with him calling it "one of the greatest joys of [his] life" to embody a role like that in a movie. The actor's previous remark may have hinted 

Sam Wilson actor Anthony Mackie previously addressed if Steve Rogers is dead in the MCU, with him saying that he thinks that he is still alive since nobody saw him die. Mackie's comments only added fuel to the possibility of seeing Evans back as Cap in Captain America: New World Order

Still, it would be obvious if Evans will return as Steve in Captain America 4. Some fans speculated that a comeback will be even more special if it happens in one of the next two Avengers movies, potentially during Avengers: Secret Wars.

For now, fans are expected to be glued to the big screen to check if Evans' Steve Rogers will return in Captain America: New World when it hits theaters on May 3, 2024.

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