Chris Evans Shares New Stunt Footage From Captain America: The First Avenger Scenes

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Captain America and Red Skull in The First Avenger

Avengers: Endgame brought Chris Evans' time as the MCU's Captain America to a supposed end after spending eight years in the role across solo films and team-ups. While the casting was largely controversial at the time, the actor became a fan-favorite as he turned the star-spangled Avenger into a household name.

Years later, it's interesting to reflect on his 2011 World War ll era debut in The First Avenger. While the character didn't spend much time in the 1940s period he originated from, it was a key part of the origin that Kevin Feige had to fight hard against Disney executives to explore.

While DVD, digital, and Blu-ray releases have shown plenty of behind-the-scenes footage from the film by this point, it's always exciting to see more. More than ten years after the film concluded filming, new footage has been released from the set showcasing several major stunt scenes in the production.


The MCU's former Captain America actor Chris Evans shared a new behind-the-scenes video from his 2011 debut film The First Avenger captured by his friend, Zach.

The new footage was captured during the 2010 filming when Evans brought his “school buddies, Zach and Jon” onto the set under the guise of being his “assistants.”

The tweet and video can be seen below:


Looking back, it's interesting to consider the idea of Chris Evans being able to sneak his friends onto set without any major consequences, especially during such significant scenes as the footage shows.

With the huge popularity of the MCU, it's hard to imagine any of the actors being able to do this so liberally anymore. It's always fun to see the behind-the-scenes process of making global blockbusters come to life, especially from a normal cam footage perspective compared to the highly edited montages shown on physical releases.

Years later, Captain America: The First Avenger remains one of the least-highly regarded MCU films, however, it holds a key purpose within the universe. The historical period piece acted as the first appearance of the Space Stone before the official name of Infinity Stones was spoken. Additionally, the film introduced several major characters and concepts that would go on to play key roles in the entire Infinity Saga.

It's exciting to see Chris Evans still showing love for his time in the patriotic role that made him so famous, with recent rumors suggesting the actor may be set to return to the Marvel universe in a future project .

While the legendary MCU hero is seemingly gone, for now, the mantle will seemingly be succeeded by Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier . The highly-anticipated Disney+ series is set to debut its first episode on March 19, 2021.

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