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Zachary Levi and Thandiwe Newton, Chicken Run Dawn of the Nugget poster

The Last of Us star Bella Ramsey and Norbit actress Thandiwe Newton lead the voice cast of Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget. 

The highly-anticipated sequel to 2000's Chicken Run movie explores the arrival of a new villain named Dr. Fry who plans to turn all the world's chickens into nuggets, leading to a chicken uprising to save all of them. 

Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget made its premiere on Netflix on December 15.

Every Main Voice Actor in Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget

Thandiwe Newton - Ginger

Thandiwe Newton, Ginger
Thandiwe Newton

Ginger (voiced by Thandiwe Newton) is a veteran escape artist widely known for her successful breakout plan from the first Chicken Run movie. In the original film, Julia Sawalha served as the character's voice.

In the future, Ginger is now the mother of a chick named Molly. While the freedom-fighting chick is carefree and adventurous in the first film, the fact that she's a mother now means she is more careful since she is trying to protect her daughter. 

When the other chickens spot humans, Ginger shies away from danger, advising them to hide instead of picking a fight with them.

However, when Molly gets stuck in Dr. Fry's factory, Ginger and her husband Rocky must return to their escape artist ways to save her and every chicken in the world from being cooked into chicken nuggets.

Speaking with TUDUM, Newton teased what to expect in Ginger's return, noting that the character's "desire for peace and harmony is under threat" in the sequel: 

“The biggest change for Ginger is that she and Rocky are now parents, they’ve hatched a little girl called Molly who they adore. Ginger is selfless and caring, and everything she does is for the good of her family and community. However, she soon realizes that her desire for peace and harmony is under threat, what is she to do? Ginger’s story unfolds and it’s exciting to see her character go on that journey!”

Newton has an impressive acting resume, with roles in Norbit, Westworld, Beloved, Crash, and Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Zachary Levi - Rocky

Zachary Levi, Rocky
Zachary Levi 

Shazam! star Zachary Levi joins the Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget cast as Rocky, Ginger's husband, and Molly's father.

In the first film, Rocky is the one who helps Ginger in escaping Tweedy's chicken farm. While Ginger has already moved on from their past escape exploits, Rocky still wants to relive their "glory days."

In the same interview with TUDUM, Levi admitted that Rocky "has changed a lot" in the sequel, pointing out that he found love in marriage and fatherhood: 

“I think Rocky has changed a lot. He’s no longer the cavalier, hot shot lone wolf that he used to be. He found love in marriage. And even more love in fatherhood. So it’s all settled him down quite a lot. That said, we get glimpses of his former self as our new journey unfolds.”

Mel Gibson served as the original voice actor of Rocky in the first film. 

DC fans may recognize Levi for his iconic portrayal of Shazam in the DCEU. The actor is known for his roles in Tangled, Chuck, and Thor: The Dark World.

Bella Ramsey - Molly

Bella Ramsey, Molly
Bella Ramsey

Bella Ramsey brings Molly to life in Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget.

Molly is Ginger and Rocky's adventure-seeking daughter who dreams of going beyond their home island. Although her parents want a peaceful life, Molly's rebellious nature kicks in, leading to her unfortunate kidnapping at the hands of Dr. Fry. 

Speaking with TUDUM, Ramsey described Molly as an "incredibly curious and very intelligent" chicken that has "a strong sense of justice:"

“Molly is an incredibly curious and very intelligent chicken with a huge heart and a strong sense of justice. She has inherited a rebellious wild side from her dad, and determination and all her social skills from her mum.”

In 2023, Bella Ramsey had a memorable performance as Ellie in HBO's The Last of Us. Game of Thrones fans may also recognize Ramsey due to her iconic role as Lyanna Mormont. 

Romesh Ranganathan - Nick

Romesh Ranganathan, Nick
Romesh Ranganathan

Romesh Ranganathan voices Nick, Molly's uncle and Rocky's rodent friend. 

When Molly calls him her uncle, Nick is touched by her actions. The character also helps the chickens retrieve useful items from the human world.

Ranganathan told TUDUM that he "couldn't believe" that he was included in Chicken Run: Dawn of Nugget's cast: 

“I just couldn’t believe I was going to be involved. I loved the original so much, and so the opportunity to be in the sequel was genuinely exciting."

Romesh Ranganathan is a popular stand-up comedian known for his past credits in Cinderella, King Garry, and Yonderland.

Daniel Mays - Fetcher

Daniel Mays, Fetcher
Daniel Mays

Another one of Rocky's rodent friends is Daniel Mays' Fetcher. The character is also Nick's other half.

Ginger and Rocky recruit Nick and Fetcher to help in their rescue mission to save Molly from Dr. Fry's evil lair. While he is doubtful at first, the character eventually agrees. 

Mays was excited about joining the sequel, noting that he "loved every minute" of voicing the character: 

“Having long been a fan of Aardman and all the incredible work they do, I’m beyond excited to be joining the sequel to 'Chicken Run,' especially after such a long break since the original. Nick and Fetcher are the perfect double act to bring to life, and who better to be working alongside than the brilliant Romesh Ranganathan? I’ve loved every minute of it, and like all the 'Chicken Run' fans out there, I can’t wait to watch the finished article!”

Mays previously appeared in The Bank Job, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and The Adventures of Tintin.

David Bradley - Fowler

David Bradley, Fowler
David Bradley

Replacing the original Chicken Run voice actor and the late Benjamin Whitrow is David Bradley as Fowler. 

In the first movie, Fowler was instrumental in Ginger and the chickens' escape as he served as the pilot of their makeshift airplane. 

Dawn of the Nugget brings back Fowler as he helps Ginger and Rocky enter Dr. Fry's villain base. Ginger assigns him as the "getaway man" of the team, similar to his role in the 2000 film. 

Bradley is known for his roles in Your Christmas or Mine 2, Doctor Who, and World's End. Harry Potter fans may also recognize the actor for his role as Argus Filch.

Jane Horrocks - Babs

Jane Horrocks, Babs
Jane Horrocks

Babs (voiced by Jane Horrocks) is the wool specialist from Ginger's chicken community. 

While she is sometimes awkward because she's prone to not noticing the dangers in the environment, Babs is still a reliable team member.

Horrocks returns in the sequel after voicing Babs in 2000's Chicken Run. The actress is known for her roles in Life is Sweet, Corpse Bride, and Little Voice.

Imelda Staunton - Bunty

Imelda Staunton, Bunty
Imelda Staunton

Imelda Staunton is another returning cast member from the first film. The actress brings Bunty to life in the sequel. 

Bunty is the team's muscle, helping Ginger take down some of their strongest enemies. In the original plan, Bunty is assigned to remove the guards while evading some of the robotic obstacles.

Staunton told TUDUM that going back to portray Bunty is "very nostalgic" for her, saying that the character "has lost none of her oomph:"

“To be back in the form of Bunty is very nostalgic… And the enthusiasm of our director is palpable. I think the audience is in for an absolute treat. I’m glad to say Bunty has lost none of her oomph!”

Staunton has credits in Vera Drake, Pride, Shakespeare in Love, and The Crown. Harry Potter fans may recognize her for her menacing portrayal of Dolores Umbridge. 

Lynn Ferguson - Mac


Acting as the brains behind the rescue mission operation is Lynn Ferguson as Mac. 

In Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget, Mac also serves as Ginger's assistant, and she is also the one who designed Dr. Fry's makeshift base to help the team map out their break-in plan. 

The actress told TUDUM that her character, Mac, is someone who will do anything to find a solution: 

“Mac is so completely solution-based. When there’s something that needs to be done, she gets on with it. She might lose her way or worry that the engines can’t handle it, but no matter what, she aims for the solution."

Ferguson is one of the few actors who reprises her role from the first movie. The actress also appeared in No Angels and Blessed.

Josie Sedgwick-Davies - Frizzle

Josie Sedgwick-Davies, Frizzle
Josie Sedgwick-Davies

Josie Sedgwick-Davis plays Frizzle, the chicken who saves Molly from certain death. Similar to Molly, she's also a rebellious chicken. 

Frizzle is the one who urges Molly to join the "happy chicken truck" which is later revealed to be the delivery vehicle to Dr. Fry's evil lair. It is filled with "zombie chickens" who willingly sacrifice themselves to be transformed into chicken nuggets.

Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget is Sedgwick-Davies' first notable acting credit.

Miranda Richardson - Mrs. Melisha Tweedy

Miranda Richardson, Mrs. Melisha Tweedy
Miranda Richardson

The original Chicken Run villain, Mrs. Melisha Tweedy, is back for revenge in the sequel. The returning Miranda Richardson voices the character.

Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget reveals that Mrs. Tweedy is in cahoots with Dr. Fry all this time. In fact, Tweedy is Dr. Fry's wife. 

Richardson has credits in The Crying Game, Spider, and Sleepy Hollow.

Nick Mohammed - Dr. Fry

Nick Mohammed, Dr. Fry
Nick Mohammed

Nick Mohammed voices Chicken Run: Dawn of Nugget's new and terrifying villain, Dr. Fry. 

Dr. Fry is the head of the "Fun-Land Farm," a heavily guarded poultry prison where chickens are manipulated by a mind control collar to willingly sacrifice themselves to become food.

The character even has his chicken suit to lure the chickens to do his bidding.

Mohammed previously appeared in The Martian, Bridget Jones's Baby, and The Sense of an Ending.

Peter Serafinowicz - Reginald Smith

Peter Serafinowicz, Reginald Smith
Peter Serafinowicz 

Reginald Smith is a businessman who visits Fun-Land Farm and owns the Eat-a-Lot restaurant. Peter Serafinowicz voices the character. 

Smith admits his restaurant business is "a little slow," so he goes to Dr. Fry for a potential partnership. 

Serafinowicz is known for his roles in Shaun of the Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy, and John Wick: Chapter 2.

Julia Sawalha - Ginger

Julia Sawalha, Ginger
Julia Sawalha

Julia Sawahla returns (briefly) to lend her voice to Ginger in the sequel's opening flashback sequence of the first film. 

The actress was the character's original voice alongside Mel Gibson as Rocky. 

Sawalha is known for her roles in Absolutely Fabulous, Press Gang, and Midsomer Murders.

Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget is now streaming on Netflix.

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