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Callie Haverda in That 90s Show

Callie Haverda made waves with her performance as Leia Forman in That '90s Show alongside veteran stars like Debra Jo Rupp and Kurtwood Smith. 

Haverda's Leia is the daughter of Eric Forman and Donna Pinciotti and Kitty and Red's granddaughter. Leia is originally from Chicago, but she moved to Point Place, Wisconsin after being fascinated with the life and people there.

In the Netflix series, Leia navigates the ups and downs of life, friendships, and relationships. 

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5 Things To Know About That 90s Show’s Callie Haverda

Callie Haverda as Leia Forman in That '90s Show
Callie Haverda

Callie Haverda First Started Acting in Commercials

Callie Haverda, born on February 22, 2007, started acting by appearing in commercials before landing a big break on the small screen. 

The 17-year-old actress has appeared in over 20 national commercials for notable brands, including Citibank, Hyundai, Kaleo, Toyota Testimonials, Shutterfly, and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). 

Speaking with Texas Lifestyle Magazine in October 2020, Haverda talked about her first experience acting in a commercial when she was six years old, noting that she "fell in love with the whole experience:"

"My first commercial was at around six years old, and soon after I worked on 'The Adventures of Pepper and Paula.' I actually wasn’t allowed to act until I was old enough to decide for myself this was what I really wanted to do. After working for the first time, I just fell in love with the whole experience, and knew I couldn’t stop!"

The actress also discussed her long list of commercial credits, such as one where she felt empowered in "helping girls share their voices in a civil society:"

"Yes, I just finished filming a recent commercial for Citibank in association with the Girl Scouts. It is an empowering commercial helping girls share their voices in a civil society. I was so glad I got to be a part of it. I’ve also been in commercials for Prevagen and Hyundai, KFC, Homewood Suites, Kaleo, and an HEB Super Bowl commercial with Dallas Cowboys former quarterback, Troy Aikman."

Callie Previously Starred in Netflix's The Lost Husband

That '90s Show is not Callie Haverda's first role on Netflix. She previously starred as Abby Moran in 2020's The Lost Husband. Abby is one of the daughters of the protagonist, Libby. 

In the same interview with Texas Style Magazine, Haverda revealed that she was recommended for the role of Abby in The Lost Husband by a casting director she auditioned for numerous times: 

"I was recommended for the role by a casting director I have auditioned for plenty of times. I got the audition sent directly to me. I was in California at the time so my mom just filmed me in our apartment and got it sent over. I then had a Skype callback session where I talked with the director Vicky Wight and the producers."

The actress also talked about her experience filming the movie with Josh Duhamel and Leslie Bib, pointing out that the chemistry on set between her and the rest of the cast was "very natural:"

"When I got the call that I’d booked it, we flew back to Texas right away, and I had an amazing time filming. Josh Duhamel and Leslie Bibb were both really fun and spent a lot of time with us so the chemistry on set was very natural, and we were comfortable with each other."

In addition to The Lost Husband and That '90s Show, Haverda is also known for her roles in Shut Eye, Stage V, See Plum Run, and The Eleven Little Roosters.

Callie Was Intimidated by Her That '90s Show Co-Star

Callie Haverda's Leia Forman has a lot going on in That '90s Show Season 2 since she is dealing with her complicated feelings for Nate after almost kissing at the tail-end of Season 1. This is on top of the fact that she and Nate are both in other relationships. 

As a result, Leia spends time daydreaming about asking forgiveness from her boyfriend to the tune of Lisa Loeb's "Stay (I Missed You)," which also features a special cameo from the singer-songwriter.

Haverda told People in June 2024 that she was intimated by Loeb's inclusion after her character, Leia, tried to recreate her music video for "Stay (I Missed You):"

"It's a crazy stacked cast. I was mainly intimidated by Lisa Loeb. I mean, it was definitely intimidating doing that because I was practically being her. I've never done anything like that. I rewatched her music video so many times."

Leading the cast of the That '70s spin-off series may be a daunting task, but Haverda told Content Mode that "the pressure was only in [her] mind:"

"I'd say it was intimidating at first. Not only was it a hugely successful franchise with already a cult following of fans, but it was also my first multi-cam, my first leading series regular role, and my first time working with a lot of kids my age. There was pressure, but the pressure was only in my mind. It only came from me. The cast, crew, my friends, and family, were all supporting me and the show as a whole."

The Netflix star also shared that it is fun to include Easter eggs and clues tied to That '70s show that diehard fans may pick up while watching: 

"I think after the initial fear and uneasiness, it all quickly fell into place and became an incredibly exciting experience. Every day there was something to look forward to, and any time we got a new script I wasn’t just thinking of myself and what I thought about it, I began to think about the fans and if they’d catch the little easter eggs and clues left about 'That 70s Show'."

Callie Is a Big Wes Anderson Fan

Callie is also a proud fan of renowned filmmaker Wes Anderson, who is known for his films The Grand Budapest Hotel, Asteroid City, and Fantastic Mr. Fox

In the same interview with Content Mode, Haverda shared that her favorite Wes Anderson film is Fantastic Mr. Fox because she "literally [grew] up with that movie:"

"My first answer anytime someone asks me this is 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' just because I’ve literally grown up with that movie. The first time I saw it was probably when it came out in 2009, I would’ve been 2!"

The actress also talked about her connection to Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom

"I also have a connection to 'Moonrise Kingdom' just because it was the first Wes movie I saw alone and on my own accord. From then on I was obsessed with his work and have been since."

Callie Is Fascinated by Archaeology

Aside from acting, Callie Haverda has shown interest in archeology, admitting that it "had been a love of [hers] for a while:"

"Archaeology had been a love of mine for a while. The first time I learned what it was I was probably 9 and watching the second 'The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.' I took these online classes for a while where I met on Zoom with a group of kids my age every week when I was 9 or 10. We’d just meet and talk and learn about some part of the world and its history. It was very archaeology and anthropology based and I believe this is where my real love started."

The That '90s Show lead star discussed how her love for archeology made her want to study it in college while also expressing her desire to go on "so many expeditions" across the globe:

"When I seriously began thinking about what I’d study in college I realized that archaeology is what I’d want to do. I’ve always had the problem of having too many passions. It is a good problem to have, don’t get me wrong, but deciding what I want to do for the rest of my life at just 16 years old is a lot of pressure especially when there is so much I want to do and learn. There are so many expeditions I’d love to go on and so many sites I’d want to dig at, but I’d [like to try] to find Cleopatra’s tomb just because the story of it is so intriguing."

How To Follow Callie Haverda Online

For more updates about Callie Haverda, fans can follow her on Instagram (@calliehaverda).

That '90s Show Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming on Netflix. 

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