Who Is Buck Braithwaite? 5 Things to Know About Alexander: The Making of a God Netflix Star

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Buck Braithwaite as Alexander the Great

Netflix recently released a brand-new docuseries about Alexander the Great titled Alexander: The Making of a God, leaving many fans interested in learning more about the show's star, Buck Braithwaite

Alexander: The Making of a God debuted on the streaming service on January 31, featuring Braithwaite as Alexander the Great.

Even though it has been met with poor audience reviews (it currently has a 4.7/10 rating on IMDb as of writing), many have praised Braithwaite for his performance as Alexander the Great.

Who is Alexander: The Making of a God's Buck Braithwaite?

Buck Braithwaite as Alexander the Great in Alexander: The Making of a God

Buck is an Award-Winning Actor

After landing his first acting role in 2019's Nefarious, Buck Braithwaite won multiple awards for his performance in the near-90 minute film.

The English actor won Best Actor Feature for Nefarious at the 2019 Austin Revolution Film Festival. He was also nominated for Best Male Actor in a Feature Film at The Shawna Shea Film Festival and was nominated for Best Actor at the Unrestricted View Film Festival.

In 2022, the star won more acting awards, this time for his portrayal of John in Aping Edwin Porter. He was awarded Best Actor at the Stanley Film Awards and Best Supporting Actor at the I See You Awards. 

He even helped Aping Edwin Porter take home two more trophies for Best Ensemble Cast at the Best Shorts Competition and the American Independent Film Festival in the United States.

Buck Loves to Travel

Although Buck hails from the United Kingdom, the actor loves to travel the world.

On his official Instagram page, the actor has posted photos from a number of different countries.

Some of these photos feature him at Coachella in California, while others showcase the star touring Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and Romania.

Buck is an On-Stage Theatre Actor

Along with being in feature films and shorts, and before portraying Alexander the Great in a Netflix docuseries, Buck has also been cast in multiple stage plays.

He first appeared in a production of William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream and was then cast in the digital Talking Gods play, specifically in Talking Gods IV: Aphrodite.

Buck is a Man of Many Talents

According to a casting biography shared by Mark Jermin Management, Buck is extremely talented in many different aspects.

He excels in athletics such as motocross, mountain biking, rugby, skateboarding, skiing, and football, and is also proficient in other skills such as guitar, dance, choreography, and singing (baritone-high).

Along with his physical skills, Buck can also perform many different accents when needed. He is said to be able to do American-southern, American-California, American-New York, Canadian, Essex, Irish RP, Scottish, and many others.

Buck Can Also Be Seen in Apple TV+'s Masters of the Air

Apple TV+'s Masters of the Air is currently airing on the streaming service and telling the story of the Mighty Eighth Air Force members in World War II.

In the series, Buck Braithwaite portrays Lt. Oscar C. Amison Jr., acting alongside names such as Austin Butler, Callum Turner, and Barry Keoghan.

Where Can Fans Follow Buck Braithwaite Online?

Fans can follow Alexander: The Making of a God and Masters of the Air's Buck Braithwaite on Instagram at buckbraithwaite and on X (formerly known as Twitter) under the handle @BuckBraithwaite.

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