Who Is Will Stevens from Netflix's Alexander: Making of a God? 4 Things to Know About the Actor

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Alexander the Great Will Stephens

From psychology classes to calling, "Cut!" on set, here are some fun facts to get to know Alexander: The Making of a God's Will Stevens. 

Stevens joins the cast of Netflix's Alexander the Great docuseries, playing Hephaestion in the show's dramatic reenactments of key moments from the Macedonian king's life. 

Stevens' character has been the subject of much speculation throughout history, being one of the key figures in the argument Alexander the Great may have been gay, something the series is not afraid to tackle head-on. 

Meet Alexander's Hephaestion Actor, Will Stevens

Will Stevens
Will Stevens

Will Stevens Went to Oxford University

Before getting started on the path to becoming a professional actor, Will Stevens attended the prestigious Oxford University to study Psychology and Philosophy. 

Stevens started at Oxford in 2017, the same year he also began taking drama classes at the Central School of Speech and Drama in North London (per Mandy).

This came after the five-foot-eleven actor had appeared in several theater productions in England, but marked an inflection point for Stevens. 

Nary two years later (in 2019), Stevens completed his Master's (MA) in Acting from Drama Centre London, following in the footsteps of Drama Centre alumni like Paul Bettany, Russell Brand, and Pierce Brosnan.

Will Has Acted in Several Theater Productions

While Stevens is now making a name for himself on the big and small screen, the Alexander actor has also indulged in the world of stage acting. 

Stevens has appeared in several theater productions throughout his career, including classics like King Lear (which he performed in 2015). 

For his work in the Shakespearean tragedy, Stevens earned rave reviews, with his work as Cornwall being called "solid" by critics (via The Oxford Culture Review):

"Oliver Skan and Will Stevens as Albany and Cornwall provided solid support to their female counterparts, with Skan coming into his own in his scenes with Aldred towards the close of the play."

He has also not shied away from more modern standards like the family comedy How To Save a Rock.

Stevens starred in a production of the multi-award-winning play in 2020, with his " well-timed, comic relief" being a standout according to audiences (via The Play's The Thing UK):

"The performances are very good. The chemistry between the actors playing Jack, Katy and Frankie is excellent, and far superior to the trio in the scientific opening. Specifically, Will Stevens provides well-timed, comic relief as Jack through humorous, slightly dim-witted one liners, yet manages to switch to perfectly-paced, lengthy, scientific explanations such as why British woodland is so important.

The way the three bicker is really quite funny, while their love and support for each other is so real and touching that it occasionally causes me to well up – particularly when Jack and Katy sing 'The Song.'"

Will's First Major Role Was in Silent Witness

Stevens' first major role came by way of the BBC crime drama Silent Witness

The British actor appeared in two episodes of the long-running series in 2020 as Pvt. John Sealy, a military man whose death is deemed an accident during a training exercise involving exposure to CS gas. 

However, things may not be as they seem as Richard Lintern's Dr. Thomas Chamberlain, believes the death of Stevens' character may have been premeditated and they are instead dealing with a murder. 

Silent Witness has been on the air since 1996, airing across 27 seasons. The critically acclaimed crime procedural follows the members of a forensic pathology unit and their various investigations across England. 

Will Has Written and Directed a Short Film

While spending plenty of time in front of the camera, Will Stevens has also taken a stab at working behind the scenes as well.

Stevens wrote and directed a short film in 2023 titled 12 Parts

The short follows "six stories in parallel," investigating the inner workings of "six different relationships and worlds that share the same words but splinter in their sub-text" (via the film's official synopsis):

"'12 Parts' follows six stories in parallel; six different relationships and worlds that share the same words but splinter in their sub-text.

This project was so rewarding and fascinating. It's been so fulfilling to focus on process, and gain so much, yet end up with such a wonderful end-product. What a talented bunch of actors to boldly bring it all to life!"

No release information for the film has been made public yet, but in his announcement of the short, Stevens revealed it would be "coming soon to a packed-out, short-film festival near you."

How To Follow Will Stevens Online

Fans looking to keep up with the comings and goings of Will Stevens can follow the Alexander: Making of a God actor on Instagram under the username Will__Stevens__.

Alexander: Making of a God is streaming now on Netflix. 

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