Who Is Dino Kelly from Netflix's Alexander: Making of a God? 4 Things to Know About the Actor

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Dino Kelly in Alexander: Making of a God

Dino Kelly is one of the rising stars that make up the cast of Netflix's new Alexander: The Making of a God docuseries, and there are a few things that fans should know about the actor.

Kelly portrays Ptolemy in the Alexander the Great series on Netflix. His character is one of Alexander's most loyal and trusted military officers.

Many have praised Kelly for his performance in the series, which also stars Buck Braithwaite in the titular role and Will Stevens as Hephaestion.

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Who is Alexander: The Making of a God's Dino Kelly?

Dino Kelly as Ptolemy in Alexander: The Making of a God

Dino Attended The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art

Long before performing in Netflix's Alexander: The Making of a God, Dino Kelly graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (one of the most prestigious and oldest drama schools in London, England) in 2015.

Also known as RADA, the academy only accepts up to 28 new students each year in its acting course. Some notable alumni from the academy include legendary actors such as Anthony Hopkins, Sean Bean, and Ralph Fiennes, meaning that Dino has followed in the footsteps of the best of the best.

Dino Was a Stage Actor

Although he has been recognized for his work on-screen, Dino has also been a part of stage plays as well.

Dino is best known for his role in a play titled Old Bridge, which was performed at the Bush Theatre in London, England.

The production won the Outstanding Achievement in Affiliate Theatre award at the 2022 Olivier Awards and was also nominated for Best OffWestEnd Production at the 22nd Annual WhatsOnStage Awards.

Dino Has Worked Directly Alongside Major Hollywood Actors

One of Dino Kelly's first major acting roles came in Peaky Blinders where he portrayed a character named Goliath. Due to his massive height and muscular build, Dino was seen as perfect for the role and got the chance to work with Tom Hardy.

Fans can see a set photo from Peaky Blinders showcasing Dino walking alongside Hardy on the actor's Instagram account.

Another major name that Dino is proud to have worked with is Gerard Butler. The two recently finished shooting an upcoming movie called Den of Thieves 2: Pantera, which is currently in post-production and will serve as a sequel to the original Den of Thieves which was released in 2018.

Dino was also able to celebrate shooting with Butler by sharing a photo via Instagram of him standing with the A-list actor.

Dino Also Has Video Game Voice Acting Credits

Dino is not just a rising star in the film, television, and stage play industry. He has also been credited for voice acting in some of the biggest video games of all time.

His first experience as a video game voice actor came when he played Guillaume de Launfal in the English version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This particular game is regarded as one of the greatest of all time, currently boasting a 92 rating on Metacritic.

Dino was also able to land a role in the 2020 remake of FromSoftware's Demon Souls, another game that is held in extremely high regard around the gaming community. In that title, he voiced Garl Finland, an important NPC in Demon's Souls.

Dino also has an "Additional Voices" credit for the 2022 video game, Doragon kuesuto torejâzu: Aoki hitomi to oozora no rashinban.

Where Can Fans Follow Dino Kelly Online?

Fans who want to keep up with Alexander: The Making of a God's Dino Kelly can follow the actor on Instagram under the username dino.kel and on X (formerly known as Twitter @Dino_Kelly.

Alexander: The Making of a God is streaming now on Netflix. 

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