Full Cast of Alexander: Making of a God on Netflix - Main Actors & People In 2024 Series (Photos)

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Netflix's 2024 Alexander the Great series features a killer cast reenacting the life of one of history's most notorious military leaders. 

The long-form documentary is the latest historical epic of this format for Netflix, telling the story by way of both 'face-to-camera' interviews as well as dramatizations of the stories being told by the featured experts.

Officially titled Alexander: The Making of a God, the series came to Netflix worldwide on Wednesday, January 31. 

Every Main Actor & Character in Alexander: The Making of a God

Buck Braithwaite - Alexander the Great

Buck Braithwaite as Alexander the Great Netflix
Buck Braithwaite

Buck Braithwaite brings to life the series' namesake - Alexander the Great. The famed Macedonian Prince gets a closer look than ever here, exploring the inner workings of his personal life as he rises to be king and unites his country to earn the status of one of the greatest military commanders of all time. 

Braithwaite can also be seen in Netflix's Fair Play, Flower in the Attic: The Origin, and Masters of the Air

Mido Hamada - Darius

Mido Hamada as Darius Alexander the Great
Mido Hamada

The Making of a God's take on King Darius is played by Mido Hamada. Darius proves to be one of Alexander's greatest foes as he leads the Persian army, the Macedonians' primary opposition. As Alexander rises, Darius falls, with the former king losing his grip on the land he once ruled. 

Hamada is best known for his work in American Sniper, Emerald City, and Unknown

Agni Scott - Stateira

Agni Scott as Stateira Alexander the Great
Agni Scott

No Alexander the Great story is complete without the famous Stateira (portrayed by Agni Scott). The daughter of Darius III eventually goes on to woo the new king, becoming his wife after he invades Persia. 

Scott's previous credits include Bridget Jones's Baby, MI-5, and Persuasion

Dino Kelly - Ptolemy

Dino Kelly as Ptolemy Alexander the Great
Dino Kelly

Loyal to Alexander almost to a fault is Ptolemy (played by Dino Kelly). Ptolemy is one of Alexander's most trusted military generals, and - as alluded to in the series - may have been the new King's lover at some point during his reign.

Kelly previously appeared in Peaky Blinders, The Good Liar, and Invasion

Nada El Belkasmi - Barsine

Nada El Belkasmi as Barsine Alexander the Great
Nada El Belkasmi

Nada El Belkasmi takes on Barsine a Persian-Greek that crosses paths with Alexander the Great during his reign as king. While never confirmed, it has been speculated that Barsine was one of Alexander's mistresses during his marriage to Stateira.

El Belkasmi's will be familiar to fans of Young Cleopatra, Ransomed, and Ancient Empires

Alain Ali Washnevsky - Mazaeus

Alain Ali Washnevsky as Mazaeus Alexander the Great
Alain Ali Washnevsky

Mazaeus (also known as Mazday) is a Persian noble who accepts Alexander as his new king. Played by Alain Ali Washnevsky, Mazaeus is one of the first major names in Persia to bolster the Macedonian's claim to the Persian throne. 

Washnevsky's previous credits include Lucifer, The Conners, and Tehran

Will Stevens - Hephaestion

Will Stevens as Hephaestion Alexander the Great
Will Stevens

Will Stevens embodies the series' version of Hephaestion. Hephaestion is a close compatriot of Alexander the Great and one of the military leader's male romantic partners throughout his reign as king. While Alexander is conquering the continent Hephaestion is a key sounding board for his conquest. 

Stevens's only other major acting credit is BBC's Silent Witness

Steven Hartley - General Memnon

Steven Hartley as General Memnon Alexander the Great
Steven Hartley

Steven Hartley's General Memnon (a.k.a. Memnon of Rhodes) is one of King Darius' biggest and brightest generals who flips to join Alexander in his pursuit to rule Persia. While being known as a 'simple mercenary,' Memnon was one of the strongest defenders of Alexander's Persia throughout his reign.

In the past, Harley appeared in Brassic, Happy Valley, and Ripper Street

Waleed Elgadi - Bessus

Waleed Elgadi as Bessus Alexander the Great
Waleed Elgadi

Waleed Elgadi brings to life Bessus, the short-lived Macedonian king who killed Darius III to take the throne. Bessus' reign does not last long, as Alexander the Great holds the usurper to justice, having him killed shortly after conquering all of Macedonia. 

Elgadi's other work includes The 355, Four Lions, and A Hologram for the King

Kosha Engler - Olympias

Kosha Engler as Olympias Alexander the Great
Kosha Engler

Kosha Engler plays Alexander the Great's mother, Olympias. Born the eldest daughter of King Neoptolemus I of Epirus, and married to Phillip II of Macedonia, Olympias was a key figure in Alexander's life. Self-proclaimed to be the descendant of Helen of Troy herself, the former Queen of Macedonia was also notably a member of the snake-worshipping cult of Dionysus. 

Engler is best known for her role as Mrs. Mitchell in 2022's The Batman, as well as PBS's Victoria series. 

Christopher Sciueref - King Philip

Christopher Sciueref as King Philip Axelander the Great
Christopher Sciueref

Taking on the role of Alexander the Great's father, King Philip is Christopher Sciueref. King Philip (or Philip II) was known for being one of the members of the ancient Argead dynasty and led Macedonia from 359 BC up until he was killed by Bessus in 336 BC.

Sciueref can also be seen in Skyfall, Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning, and 300: Rise of an Empire

James Oliver Wheatley - Attalus

James Oliver Wheatley as Attalus Alexander the Great
James Oliver Wheatley

James Oliver Wheatley plays Attalus, a military commander in Philip II's Macedonian army. Attalus was also the uncle of King Philip's seventh wife Cleopatra Eurydice.

Wheatley's previous credits include Burn Country, 5lbs of Pressure, and The Lost Pirate Kingdom

Jadran Malkovich - General Pamenion

Jadran Malkovich as General Pamenion Alexander the Great
Jadran Malkovich

General Pamenion (played by Jadran Malkovich) was a high-ranking general of both Philip II and Alexander the Great as a part of the Macedonian army. During Philip's reign, Pamenion served as his chief military lieutenant and was given the title of strategos under Alexander. 

Malkovich has also showcased his talents in Apple TV+'s Ted Lasso, Alex Rider, and The Gold

Mohamed Attougui - Pausanias

Mohamed Attougui as Pausanias Alexander the Great
Mohamed Attougui

Mohamed Attougui's Pausanias was the chief bodyguard of King Philip who was responsible for the assassination of the king, eventually setting into motion the rise of Alexander the Great. 

Attougui is most well known for his stunt work in TV in film, appearing as a part of Black Widow, Spectre, and American Sniper

Souad Faress - Oracle

Souad Faress as Oracle Alexander the Great
Souad Faress

Souad Faress brings to life the Oracle of Siwa, an Egyptian seer whom Alexander the Great comes across in his conquering of Egypt. 

Faress's other credits include Dune, Christopher Robin, and Game of Thrones.

Alexander: The Making of a God is now streaming on Netflix.  

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