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Apple TV+'s Invasion Season 2 brings together a cast of both old and new faces.

When Season 1 finished, despite what felt like a victory against the aliens, the situation on Earth didn't feel all too hopeful. Aneesha Malik is grappling with stubborn children after losing her husband, Jamila lost Caspar after his mental attack against the invaders, and Trevante witnessed a new mothership floating above Earth.

Now, the story is finally set to continue with Season 2. The alien invasion seems to be heating up with more coordinated attacks from the enemy, and more mysteries are popping up that demand answers. 

Every Actor & Character in Invasion Season 2

1.) Golshifteh Farahani - Aneesha Malik

Golshifteh Farahani, Aneesha Malik
Golshifteh Farahani

Arguably the main character of the show, Golshifteh Farahani's Aneesha Malik is unsurprisingly back for Season 2.

With her late husband still suspected to be dead, Aneesha was given no other choice than to try and scavenge what she could with her children to get by in a broken world—all while working to avoid the military, who are after her and the kids due to their possession of the mysterious alien object.

Early in Season 2, Aneehsa runs across Enver Gjokaj's Clark and the Movement, marking a turning point in her journey.

2.) Shamier Anderson - Trevante Cole

Shamier Anderson, Trevante Cole
Shamier Anderson

Season 1 ended with Shamier Anderson's Trevant Cole finally arriving back home and promising his wife that he was done with military service and the obsession that came with it. As one might expect, that becomes a hard promise to keep once new events start to unfold.

In the press release for the new set of Invasion episodes, Anderson revealed that for Season 2, Trevante will realize that his purpose is beyond fighting for just his country:

“In season one, you meet Trevante as a Navy Seal fighting a mission for his country... And in season two he realizes this is beyond country for him. He’s on a different mission; he's on a mission to understand what's happening to this Earth.”

3.) Shioli Kutsuna - Mitsuki Yamato

Shioli Kutsuna, Mitsuki Yamato
Shioli Kutsuna

Shioli Kutsuna's Mitsuki Yamato played an integral part in the struggle against Earth's invaders in Season 1. Sadly, part of that journey included the death of her lover, Hinata.

Season 2 picks up with Mitsuki getting dragged to the Amazon Rainforest, where a group of scientists is working on communicating with an alien presence on the crashed alien ship from Season 1. The team believes Yamato is the key to unlocking new secrets that could turn the tide for planet Earth against its invaders.

The only problem? Every scientist that's tried before her ended up in a catatonic trance.

Kutsuna herself admitted in Season 2's press release that Mitsuki "feels herself physically and mentally falling apart" as she goes through the events of Season 2.

“She’s a hard person to get along with at first. She feels herself physically and mentally falling apart. She was traumatized by losing the love of her life.”

4.) Azhy Robertson - Luke Malik

Azhy Robertson, Luke Malik
Azhy Robertson

Azhy Roberston's Luke Malik is angry at his mother following the events of Season 1. He believes she left their father in the woods to die.

This causes plenty of tension and abrasiveness between the duo as Season 2 picks up. To make matters worse, Luke starts to hear voices and have visions, which may be related to the alien invaders in a similar fashion to Caspar's struggles.

5.) Tara Moayedi - Sarah Malik

Tara Moayedi
Tara Moayedi

Tara Moayedi made her acting debut in Invasion as Sarah Malik.

Sarah is part of the Malik family as she works alongside her brother and mother to continue surviving during the alien invasion.

6.) Billy Barratt - Caspar Morrow

Billy Barratt
Billy Barratt

Caspar Morrow played a key role in Invasion's first season as Billy Barratt's character seemed to share a key connection to the alien invaders themselves. However, by the time Season 1 came to a close, it was believed that he died shortly after saving Trevante and Jamila in the hospital.

He will be returning at some point in Season 2, but the details surrounding his role in the story's next chapter remain a mystery.

7.) India Brown - Jamila Huston

India Brown, Jamila Huston
India Brown

India Brown's Jamila grew close with Caspar in the first season. However, for the two of them, Caspar was declared brain-dead by the end of the show's freshman run.

When Season 2 picks up four-and-a-half months later, Jamila has been having dreams of Caspar reaching out to her. This leads to her determination to find out where her friend is.

8.) Cache Vanderpuye - Alfie Ademura

Cache Vanderpuye, Alfie Ademura
Cache Vanderpuye

Alfie Ademura, played by Cache Vanderpuye, is one of the kids who survived the bus crash accident alongside Caspar, Jamila, Monty, Louis, and others in Season 1.

He decides to join Jamila on her quest to find Caspar in Paris.

9.) Louis Toghill - Darwin Charles

Louis Toghill, Darwin Charles
Louis Toghill

Louis is another member of Caspar and Jamila's friend group who was last seen in the first half of Invasion Season 1.

He joins Jamila in her journey to find Caspar alongside Alfie.

10.) Paddy Holland - Monty Cuttermill

Paddy Holland
Paddy Holland

Monty was a controversial character in the first season, as he was the key bully stereotype. Needless to say, he was anything but nice to Caspar in the show's freshman season.

Surprisingly, Jamila ends up enlisting his help alongside Alfie and Louis to track down Caspar in Paris. Paddy and his sister are the last two to join the group before leaving the country.

As quoted in Invasion's Season 2 press release, the actor behind the former bully knows full well that "Monty was not a nice guy in Season one:"

“Monty was not a nice guy in season one... He was quite insecure and he was awful to Caspar. In season two, Monty recognizes that Caspar is the key to getting the world back to normal. He knows that we need to find Caspar.”

11.) Enver Gjokaj - Clark

Enver Gjokaj
Enver Gjokaj

Agent Carter and Agents of SHIELD's Enver Gjokaj joins Invasion Season 2 as the leader of the Movement, an anti-government group specifically against the World Defense Coalition.

Early in the season, Clark's path crosses with Aneesha and her family.

In talking about his character in the recent press release, Gjokaj made it clear that Clark is "not a soldier" by any means:

"Clark is an English teacher. He's not a soldier... In my imagination, he was a Little League coach, and he's been promoted by others to be the leader of this group. Certain people have trauma, and they just shut down. Clark can translate that toxic energy into something powerful that keeps him alive and is serving the world.”

12.) Nedra Marie Taylor - Rose Calloway

Nedra Marie Taylor
Nedra Marie Taylor

Nedra Marie Taylor's Rose Calloway is another key player in Invasion's second season.

She's a local resident of Idabel who strives to solve the mystery of her town's missing people. This curiosity leads her to team up with Shamier Anderson's Trevante Cole, where they uncover a terrifying truth.

13.) Shane Zaza - Doctor Kapur

Shane Zaza, Doctor Kapur
Shane Zaza

Doctor Kapur is the billionaire funding the Alien Research Facility (ARF) in Brazil. He acts as the lead of operations and is bullish about Mitsuki achieving breakthroughs with the alien entity.

Kapur is a selfish and arrogant man who is only concerned about destroying the aliens in ways that benefit him professionally. He's not much of a safety supporter and often encourages any and all methods that might get him to the finish line the quickest.

Within Invasion's Season 2 press release, Zaza described the character as having "the veneer of an insensitive billionaire:"

“He has the veneer of an insensitive billionaire... But there’s something complex and rich about the character. He wants to win, and this is the biggest game he could ever play, a war against an alien species.”

14.) Naian González Norvind - Maya

Naian González Norvind
Naian González Norvind

Maya, played by Naian Gonzålez Norvind, is one of the first members of the Amazon Rainforest operation that Mitsuki meets and the right hand to Doctor Kapur. The two develop a connection as everyone works to communicate with the aliens. 

Norvind noted in the Season 2 press release how it's Maya's job "to make sure that the scientists... interacting with the alien" don't completely lose their minds:

“Maya’s a cognitive scientist, and her job is to study the alien’s consciousness... And to make sure that the scientists who are going in and interacting with the alien cannot completely lose their minds."

Invasion Season 2 is now streaming on Apple TV+.

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