Brooklyn and Bailey Pregnant Announcement & Details

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Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight

A major pregnancy announcement came from popular social media influencers Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight.

The McKnight twins launched their "Brooklyn and Bailey" YouTube channel in 2013, focusing on teen interests, fashion, and other fields. 

Since then, their channel has amassed more than 7,000,000 subscribers, and they have also transitioned into the music arena with multiple single releases. They were listed in Business Insider's list of 13 YouTubers to follow in 2015.

Pregnancy Announcement From Brooklyn & Bailey

On July 9, Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight's official Instagram page announced that one of the two 24-year-old twins was pregnant with their first child.

The announcement included a picture of one of them in a bra and shorts, showing off a pregnant belly. Also seen is a set of ultrasound pictures confirming the new baby on the way along with the caption, "coming soon…"

That picture can be seen below:

Brooklyn and Bailey pregnancy announcement on Instagram
@brooklynandbailey on Instagram

For reference, Brooklyn and Bailey are both married.

Bailey's wedding to Asa Howard took place on October 1, 2021, while Brooklyn's nuptials to Dakota Blackburn came just under a year later on September 22, 2022.

Is Bailey or Brooklyn Pregnant?

Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight
Brooklyn and Bailey

While Brooklyn and Bailey's post sent fans into a frenzy, amassing over half a million likes in less than one day, one question remains - which of the two twins is pregnant? Considering they are identical twins and the post did not hint at the answer, fans are speculating who to expect the new baby from.

The two recently went tubing on a lake for one of their more regular events, Tube Wars, although Brooklyn did not participate. @summer.nevins was convinced this was due to Brooklyn being pregnant when it was posted on their Instagram stories:

"OMG So exciting!! I KNEW it when Brooklyn wasn't participating in the tube wars!!"

@rabb0111 pointed out a birthmark on the girl in the picture, leading her to the same sentiment that Brooklyn is pregnant as opposed to Bailey:

"Brooklyn. Picture has a birthmark. Bailey has 2 beauty marks, not birthmark."

However, Bailey has also been part of the speculation from other fans. @evafeherr felt this way after not seeing the other twin going surfing while Brooklyn did during Tube Wars:

"Omgg im thinking Bailey?? Because she didn’t go surfing behind the boat and Brooklyn did which you wouldn’t do if you were early preg??"

TikTok user @yoo09423 further speculated on Brooklyn being the pregnant one after one of their Instagram posts used the caption "The Summer I Turned _____ (fill in the blank)." This could have been a subtle way of implying she was already pregnant when the picture was first posted in March.

Deciphering which of the twins is pregnant is a near impossible challenge considering they are identical, and they play into that on their social media posts. 

While this post is a good way to generate buzz and conversation, fans expect Brooklyn and Bailey to answer this question on their socials at some point during or after the pregnancy.

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