The Rookie: Is Jenna Dewan's Bailey Pregnant In the Show's Season 6?

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Bailey's (Jenna Dewan) pregnancy is at the center of fans' questions after an episode of The Rookie Season 6 that focused on parenthood. 

Bailey Nune is John Nolan's wife and a paramedic working for the Los Angeles Fire Department. The pair have been together for a while now, and some have wondered if they are pondering getting pregnant. 

One of the main storylines in The Rookie Season 6, Episode 5 focused on John and Bailey temporarily adopting a toddler that they found on a crime scene, with both of them adjusting to the world of parenthood. 

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Is Jenna Dewan Pregnant as Bailey in The Rookie Season 6?

Jenna Dewan as Bailey in The Rookie

Jenna Dewan, 43, is pregnant in real life. It was confirmed that she filmed The Rookie Season 6 while pregnant. 

Speaking with Romper in February 2024, Dewan opened up about filming during her pregnancy, noting that it was "exhausting:" 

“It’s a well-oiled machine. [It was] exhausting, but also amazing. It helps balance my mind."

Still, the actress explained why it was "easy for [her] to work pregnant" in The Rookie, mainly because "everyone is so lovely:"

"And 'The Rookie' is truly the most dreamy, incredible job. Everyone is so lovely. It’s really fun, and it’s easy, and it flows, and so I think that’s a big part of why it’s easy for me to work pregnant. I’ve been on other sets that are obviously a lot more difficult. So I love it. You’re tired, but when is a mom not tired?”

Although Dewan is pregnant in real life, The Rookie showrunner Alexi Hawley confirmed that Bailey is not yet expected to venture into the world of motherhood in The Rookie. 

Hawley teased to TV Line in February 2024 that John and Bailey are set to talk about whether having kids is an option for the couple: 

"We’ve had a lot of [real-life] pregnancies on the show over the years; this is going to be the first one that we don’t feature in the character. That being said, I think it’s fair to say that there will be conversations and conflict about the idea of whether they’re going to have kids, independent of Jenna literally being pregnant."

The showrunner said that he hadn't changed the story of The Rookie Season 6 upon learning about Dewan's pregnancy, and this is why they decided to hide it: 

"It’s definitely a conversation. This was the first time that I got an 'I am pregnant' phone call from an actress where I didn’t step into the writers room and go, 'OK, this is what we’re doing this year…,' because we already had story that we really liked that was about the conversations. So, yeah, we’re hiding it."

Will John & Bailey Start a Family in Future Seasons of The Rookie?

While The Rookie Season 6 hid Jenna Dewan's pregnancy from the main storyline, Episode 5 teased John and Bailey's stance on parenthood. 

After being married in Season 6, Episode 2, some would assume that the natural progression for John and Bailey is to start a family. 

In the fifth installment, The Rookie's main couple pondered the idea after temporarily adopting Anna (the toddler from the crime scene). Doing so opened Bailey's fear of motherhood, citing that she was not ready to raise a child. 

However, after spending meaningful time with Anna, Bailey appeared to reconsider her stance on motherhood. She and John even talked about adopting her permanently. 

It was too late, though, after Anna's uncle re-emerged at the last minute, taking her to his custody. 

Given that Bailey was ready to adopt Anna in Season 6, Episode 5, this storyline may be revisited sooner rather than later.

New episodes of The Rookie premiere on ABC every Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET.

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