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Boy Swallows Universe netflix cast members

Netflix's Boy Swallows Universe series is filled with humor and heartbreak anchored by its stellar cast led by rising star Simon Cameron. 

Boy Swallows Universe is based on Tony Dalton's acclaimed novel of the same name that follows the story of a young boy named Eli who navigates his ups and downs in life as he tries to find a way to protect himself and his family from danger. 

The seven-part series made its premiere on Netflix on January 11. 

Every Main Cast Member of Boy Swallows Universe

Travis Fimmel - Lyle Orlik

Travis Fimmel as Lyle Orlik
Travis Fimmel

Travis Fimmel joins the cast of Boy Swallows Universe as Lyle Orlik. 

Lyle is Eli's stepfather and Frances' husband who is a drug dealer to make ends meet for his family. Despite his background with drugs, Lyle will do anything for his family even if it means sacrificing his life for them.

Fimmel is best known for his role as Ragnar Lothbrok in History Channel's Vikings. The actor also appeared in Raised by Wolves and Warcraft.

Simon Baker - Robert Bell

Simon Baker as Robert Bell
Simon Baker

Simon Baker brings Robert Bell to life in Boy Swallows Universe

Robert is Eli and Gus' real and estranged father who has been absent from most of their lives. Robert is an alcoholic who hides a deep trauma that he has yet to tell his ex-wife and sons. 

The Mentalist fans may recognize Baker for his role as Patrick Jane in the series. The actor also has credits in Margin Call, The Devil Wears Prada, and Land of the Dead.

Phoebe Tonkin - Frances Bell

Phoebe Tonkin as Frances Bell
Phoebe Tonkin

Frances Bell (played by Phoebe Tonkin) is Eli and Gus' mother who is a drug addict trying to do her best to provide for her family. 

Eli believes that her mother is the best woman in the world despite her drug influence. 

Tonkin's notable credits include H20: Just Add Water, Babylon, and Bait.

Felix Cameron - Eli Bell

Felix Cameron as Eli Bell
Felix Cameron

At the center of Boy Swallows Universe's story is Felix Cameron as Eli Bell. 

Eli is a 12-year-old boy trying to find his place in the world. He loves his family, but he is resentful of the fact that his mother and stepdad are dealing drugs.

It's clear from the start that Eli has an unusual background. Aside from his drug-dealing parents and a non-speaking brother, Eli's only other father figure is an ex-convict and murderer Slim Halliday. 

Aside from his first starring role in Boy Swallows Universe, Cameron's other notable role is playing Reuben Bloom in Penguin Bloom.

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Zac Burgess - Eli Bell (episodes 6-7)

Zac Burgess as Eli Bell
Zac Burgess

Zac Burgess appeared in episodes 6 and 7 of the series as the older version of Eli Bell. 

Zac's iteration of Eli shows how much growth the character experienced through the years. When audiences first meet him, Eli is now a news writer who works with his idol, Caitlyn Spies. 

Together, they expose the corrupt practices of Tytus Boz and Ivan Kroll. 

Burgess previously appeared in Totally Completely Fine and One Night.

Lee Tiger Halley - Gus Bell

Lee Tiger Halley as Gus Bell
Lee Tiger Halley

Lee Tiger Halley plays Gus Bell, Eli's brother, and Frances' biological son. 

Described by Eli as "the smartest person in the whole of Australia,"  Gus has never spoken anything ever since he was seven years old, thus making life difficult for his parents. 

Gus usually writes something in the air and Eli believes that it always comes true. 

Halley previously appeared in Crazy Fun Park, The Heights, and a short called Featherweights

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Bryan Brown - Slim Halliday

Bryan Brown as Slim Halliday
Bryan Brown

Slim Halliday is an ex-convict and Lyle's former prison mate who has become Eli's babysitter and mentor when his parents are not around. The character is played on-screen by Bryan Brown. 

Halliday teaches Eli some of the basic things in life, such as driving a manual car and learning how to write a diary to preserve the memories of his life. 

Brown is a veteran Australian actor who has credits in Cocktail, Two Hands, and Gods of Egypt

Anthony LaPaglia - Tytus Broz

Anthony LaPaglia as Tytus Broz
Anthony LaPaglia

Tytus Broż (played by Anthony LaPaglia) is the owner of Atlas Prosthetics and Lyle's boss. 

Tytus is in cahoots with Ivan Kroll for shady business deals and he is later revealed to be a corrupt figure who has been keeping dead bodies on an illegal farm. 

LaPaglia previously appeared as Jack Malone in over 150 episodes of Without a Trace. The actor's credits also include Lantana, Empire Records, and So I Married an Axe Murder.

Sophie Wilde - Caitlyn Spies

Sophie Wilde as Caitlyn Spies
Sophie Wilde

Sophie Wilde is part of the cast as Caitlyn Spies. 

Spies is a reporter from the Courier Mail and she is one of Eli's idols growing up. Eli also has a little crush on Spies and Gus knows all about it. 

Wilde is known for his roles in Talk to Me, The Portable Door, and Babygirl.

Christopher James Baker - Ivan Kroll

Christopher James Baker as Ivan Kroll
Christopher James Baker

Ivan Kroll is a shady drug dealer who serves as one of the villains of the Boy Swallows Universe series. The character displayed by Christopher James Baker.

Kroll is the one responsible for Lyle's kidnapping and he also cuts off Eli's finger. 

True Detective fans may recognize Baker for his role as Blake Churchman. The actor's other notable credits include Ozark, Shades of Blue, and The Purge: Election Year.

HaiHa Le - Bich Dang

HaiHa Le as Bich Dang
HaiHa Le

Bich Dang (played by HaiHa Le) is Darren's mother and Lyle's client who purchased heroin from him. 

Dang is an intimidating figure in the drug business who has lots of connections. When Eli catches Lyle during the drug trade, Dang informs him that his stepdad is only doing it due to his love for the family. 

Le is a veteran on the small screen with roles in Back to the Rafters, Bed of Roses, and Kick

Deborah Mailman - Poppy Birkbeck

Deborah Mailman as Poppy Birkbeck
Deborah Mailman

Poppy Birkbeck is the school's guidance counselor where Gus and Eli study. The character is played by Deborah Mailman.

In Episode 1, Poppy has a conversation with Gus about his condition of not being able to speak. They talk about his artwork, his family history, and Eli. 

Mailman is known for his roles in Offspring, The Sapphires, and 2067. 

Ben O’Toole - Teddy

Ben O’Toole  as Teddy
Ben O’Toole 

Ben O'Toole plays Teddy, Lyle's associate and a friend of the Bell family. 

Teddy soon betrays Lyles by exposing to Ivan Kroll that he was able to nab some extra drugs from his stash, ultimately leading to Lyles' kidnapping. 

O'Toole appeared in notable projects like Bloody Hell, Hacksaw Ridge, and Detroit.

Rob Carlton - Brian Anderson

Rob Carlton as Brian Anderson
Rob Carlton 

Rob Carlton's Brian Anderson is the editor-in-chief of the Courier-Mail. 

In Episode 6, Eli approaches Anderson for a potential cadetship at the Courier-Mail, but he ultimately rejects him. 

Carlton is known for his roles in Chandon Pictures, Paper Giants: Magazine Wars, and North Shore.

Zachary Wan - Darren Dang

Zachary Wan as Darren Dang
Zachary Wan

Darren Dang (played by Zachary Wan) is the school's bully who gives Eli a hard time. 

The character brings a samurai in Episode 1 to mess with Eli and cut off a rat's tail while he's holding it. Eventually, though, Darren and Eli become friends.

Wan previously appeared in Never Too Late, The Unlisted, and Hardball.

Millie Donaldson - Shelly Huffman (17 years old)

Millie Donaldson  as Shelly Huffman
Millie Donaldson 

The 17-year-old version of Shelly Huffman is portrayed by Millie Donaldson. 

In the latter part of Boy Swallows Universe, Gus and Shelly become successful in their own right after being awarded as Queensland Champions for raising money for disabled children. 

Donaldson's other notable credit includes playing a local street kid in Jack Irish.

Eloise Rothfield - Shelly Huffman (13 years old)

Eloise Rothfield
Eloise Rothfield

Shelly Huffman is Gus' classmate and romantic interest from school. The 13-year-old version of the character is played by Eloise Rothfield. 

Shelly is diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. After discovering her condition, Gus finds a way to earn money for her treatment.

Before joining the cast of Boy Swallows Universe, Rothfield appeared in a short film titled 5 Moons of Pluto.

Isaac Strutt-Stevens - Christopher

Isaac Strutt-Stevens as Christopher
Isaac Strutt-Stevens

Isaac Strutt-Stevens' Christopher is a kid whom Eli meets in the hospital who helps him escape. Christopher is also diagnosed with brain cancer, but he eventually recovers. 

Boy Swallows Universe is Isaac Strutt-Stevens' first major role.

Adam Briggs - Alex Bermuda

Alex Briggs as Alex Bermuda
Alex Briggs

Alex Briggs plays Alex Bermuda, Eli's pen pal from prison who gives him life advice. 

In Episode 6, Alex is eventually released from prison, just in time to save Eli from Teddy and his goons. 

Boy Swallows Universe is Briggs' major acting credit.

Toby Schmitz - Tim Cotton

Toby Schmitz as Tim Cotton
Toby Schmitz

Toby Schmitz is part of the cast of Boy Swallows Universe as Tim Cotton.

Cotton is a detective whom Caitlyn Spies contacts to investigate the shady dealings between Ivan Kroll and Tytus Broz. However, Cotton is later revealed to be a corrupt figure too similar to Kroll and Broz.

Schmitz is best known for his role as Rackham in Black Sails. The actor also appeared in Crownies, Three Blind Mice, and Right Here Right Now.

Boy Swallows Universe is now streaming on Netflix.

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