Meet Felix Cameron: 4 Things to Know About Boy Swallows Universe Star

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Felix Cameron, Boy Swallows Universe

Felix Cameron takes center stage in Netflix's new hit show Boy Swallows Universe as the world gets to know the rising star.

Based on Trent Dalton's semi-autographical novel of the same name, the seven-episode Boy Swallows Universe series debuted on Netflix on January 11, telling the tale of a young boy who traverses the Australian criminal underworld to save his mother.

Felix Cameron plays the leading role in this series as he embodies 12-year-old Eli Bell. The show sees Eli as he tries to find his place in a strange world while dealing with the fact that his mother and stepfather work as drug dealers.

4 Facts About Boy Swallows Universe Star Felix Cameron

Felix Cameron in Boy Meets Universe

Felix Cameron Is Big Into Sports

According to Cameron's biography on IMDb, one of the young star's passions when he is not on camera is the world of sports.

The Melbourne, Australia native is especially partial to basketball, Aussie rules football (specifically from the Australian Football League), and cricket.

On top of his love for sports, he hopes to bring that love of sports into his performances on screen in future roles on screen.

Felix’s First Role Was In a Toyota Commercial

While Cameron is only starting to build his movie/TV resume, he is also known for an appearance in a Toyota commercial in his home country, Australia.

Released in 2021, Cameron is seen drawing up designs for a vehicle and testing it out in the hills. However, when he sees a Toyota in a driveway, he gets new inspiration for his work.

With a new engine on his buggy, he drives up to the top of a hill with a friend and looks out onto the horizon after his accomplishment.

The full commercial starring Cameron can be watched here.

Felix Previously Starred in Netflix’s Penguin Bloom

Cameron's only other major acting role thus far came in the 2020 Netflix movie Penguin Bloom, in which he starred alongside The Ring's Naomi Watts, The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln, and Thor: Ragnarok's Rachel House.

This film sees Cameron play Sam Bloom (Watts) and Cameron Bloom's (Lincoln) son Rueben as he and his brothers help take care of their mother, who accidentally falls off a balcony and breaks a vertebra, leaving her partially paralyzed.

Later, Rueben and his brothers find an injured magpie chick and bring it home, naming it Penguin, although Sam attempts to bond with the bird as her family struggles to adjust to the new situation caused by her traumatic injury.

Although Cameron only plays a supporting role in his first official project, his character is an important part of the family dynamic as he works closely with Watts and Lincoln in this emotional Australian drama.

Felix Kept 1 Gross Souvenir from Boy Swallows Universe Filming

In a scene from Boy Swallows Universe Episode 2, taken directly from Trent Dalton's book, Cameron's Eli begs a thug not to cut his finger off, although he winds up unsuccessful as the traumatizing moment plays out on screen.

Speaking with Punkee during press interviews, Cameron revealed that he got to keep the fake finger used during production as a souvenir.

He reminisced on how it felt "really weird" coming off his hand and even described it as "a bit scary," confirming that he now has the prop finger "on top of [his] chest of drawers" at his house to remember his experience on the film:

"They chucked a fake finger on the top… and it feels really weird when you feel [it] coming off. It was realistic [and] a bit scary… then they’ll say 'Cut!' and [the thug] would say, 'Sorry, did that hurt you?' I’ve actually got it on top of my chest of drawers at home… in a little plastic bag."

Fans can see Felix Cameron play Eli Bell in Boy Swallows Universe, which is now streaming on Netflix.

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