DC Just Labeled Batman a 'Fascist' - Here's How Fans Are Reacting

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In the new trailer for DC's upcoming Blue Beetle film, George Lopez's character Uncle Rudy Reyes called Batman a "fascist," leading to strong responses on Twitter from fans.

This is not the first time the term "fascism" has leaked into the Batman discourse. The Batman: The Dark Knight Returns comic presented the vigilante as a one-man upholder of his version of justice, calling into question the moral authority of Bruce Wayne to serve as Gotham's protector.

There is no one right answer to the question posed in The Dark Knight Returns, but it has sparked major discourse in comics circles about whether Batman — and superheroes in general, for that matter — are acting in an authoritarian and, ultimately, fascist, manner.

Now, DC fanned the flames of such discourse once again, by calling the Dark Knight a "fascist" in the Blue Beetle trailer, and fans have thoughts.

Fans React to Batman Being Called a 'Fascist'

George Lopez, Bluee Beetle Fascist comment

George Lopez's Uncle Rudy closed out the first official trailer for Blue Beetle by calling Batman a "fascist," and fans voiced their thoughts online.

@CBMovieFan responded to one angry fan, who posted a frustrated rant video, saying that if this is that person's reaction to one line from the trailer, "I need more lines like that from the movie:"

@CBMovieFan: "George Lopez saying 'Batman is a Fascist' has this mf riled up💀

I need more lines like that from the movie if they're freaking out like this"

Blue Beetle's director Ángel Manuel Soto replied to that Tweet with a meme and three laughing emoji, seeming to echo the statement:

Ángel Manuel Soto's tweet saying Well, My Job's Done with three crying/laughing emoticons.

However, quite a few fans were angry at the description of the beloved hero, such as @mynerdyhome, who said "NOPE. PASS:"

@mynerdyhome: "Looked interesting…but that final line- 'Batman’s a fascist' got me like NOPE. PASS."

On the other hand, the comment prompted @Reverend_Thanos to direct angry fans to "go touch grass, I’m watching this movie at least twice in theaters:"

@Reverend_Thanos: "People are legit upset over the 'Batman is a fascist' line from Blue Beetle’s trailer. That shit was hilarious, the performative outrage is goddamn funny, y’all are snowflakes, go touch grass, I’m watching this movie at least twice in theaters. #BlueBeetleMovie"

@heelvsbabyface made their anger clear, bluntly saying they "hope the CW looking dog shit bombs:"

@heelvsbabyface: "Blue Beetle Trailer: 'Batman is a fascist' Fuck Warner.. hope the CW looking dog shit bombs."

@EvanReadsComics pointed out that these same people "whining" are some of the people calling others "too sensitive ... and ... a bunch of snowflakes:"

@EvanReadsComics: "Everyone is 'y'all are too sensitive' and 'you're a bunch of snowflakes' until George Lopez jokingly calls Batman a fascist and then suddenly it's video essays and probably 2 months of bitching and whining about the 'woke mindset'."

And, as is so often the case, a SnyderVerse supporter — this time @ThisVictory — turned the entire issue into a dig at James Gunn, saying "Is he James? Anyway #SellSnyderVerseToNetflix:"

@ThisVictory: "'Batman is a fascist.' Is he James? Anyway #SellSnyderVerseToNetflix"

Blue Beetle hits theaters on August 18.

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