The Batman Movie Writer Reveals Why Superman Doesn't Fully Connect With Him

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Robert Pattinson as Batman, Henry Cavill as Superman

The Batman is set to do a deep dive into Bruce Wayne's second year as The Dark Knight, meaning that Gotham's crime-fighting vigilante is still in the adjustment stage when fans see him in theaters in 2022

Matt Reeves, the film's director, previously shared that the DCEU project would focus more on the detective aspects of The Dark Knight, with him sharing that fans will meet him during "the middle of this criminological experiment." 

Despite that reveal, plot details are still being kept under wraps, but it's clear that the anticipation is still high for the film. 

Many would agree that Batman has always been a complex character, as evidenced by his escapades in the pages of DC Comics and in different live-action versions of the hero. The hero's complexity and intriguing personality have eventually led to the emergence of Batman's own set of passionate fans around the globe. 

Now, ahead of the release of The Batman's second trailer, a veteran crew member of the film opened up about his passion for the Caped Crusader. 

The Batman Writer Opens up About DC's Dark Knight

Batman Superman

The Batman screenwriter Mattson Tomlin sat down with Inverse to talk about his experience on the film and superheroes in general.

Tomlin first admitted that he always thinks about Batman during workouts, citing the hero as his motivation in finishing them: 

“This is a stupid thing to say. But when I’m running — at the end when it gets tough physically — if I think to myself, ‘I’m Batman,’ I’ll make my goal.'"

The veteran writer then described Batman as someone who has a "level of sheer human will and determination," openly saying that the DC hero was his role model growing up: 

"Batman represents a level of sheer human will and determination. There's something about the guy that made me go, ‘Wow, he’s for me and I’m for him.’”

Inverse shared more details about Tomlin's origin story, describing it as something that is full of adversity, hope, and loss. The Batman writer was born in Romania during the 1989 revolution, and it became the place where he was adopted "out of the ashes" by an American couple. 

Becoming a young immigrant raised far from his birthplace is a clear reference to Superman's origin, but Tomlin pointed out that he doesn't fully relate with the DC hero: 

“I wish I could be the guy who fully relates to Superman — just be a Boy Scout and do the right thing. That’s not who I am.”

Tomlin then gave a description of himself which certainly alludes to the Caped Crusader, sharing that he's a "moody guy" who wears "black at night:" 

 “I’m a moody guy, who likes to wear black and sulk around. I wear black at night and cry to myself in the rain.”

Tomlin then shared that his "way in" to the Batman mythos was by watching Batman: The Animated Series at the age of 5: 

“That was my way in. It struck the right nerve. I fell in love.”

Tomlin also discussed how his upcoming DCEU film is similar to Batman: The Imposter, a DC comic book series where he also served as lead writer. Both stories appear to complement one another due to them showcasing a version of Batman who is more fascinated by his psyche than his crime-fighting exploits: 

“It’s the physicality of it. What is this going to do to someone’s mind? What’s this going to do to their heart? If [Batman] gets stabbed, he’s going to have a hard next day. I love beating up Batman, and making it as much ‘The Passion of the Bat’ as possible.”

The Batman Writer Is Passionate About the Dark Knight 

It's clear that Tomlin is passionate about Batman, and it's reasonable to assume that this would translate to the film.

Given that The Batman director Matt Reeves is clearly a fan of the character (as evidenced by his detailed breakdown during DC FanDome 2020), combining that with Tomlin's eagerness should hint that the film has a solid foundation of the Batman mythos. 

Even though Tomlin's backstory is closer to Superman, the writer's strong stance on not being a boy scout goes to show that Batman is his clear choice.

The Dark Knight has no superpowers, making him a notable crime-fighting figure. Many would agree that the character's vulnerability and human side make him interesting, echoing Tomlin's remark about the hero having "a level of sheer human will and determination."

This is the main difference between the DC hero and Superman since the Man of Steel already has his powers once he sets foot on Earth, while Batman has to rely on his own set of gadgets and wit during battles.

Furthermore, Tomlin's comments about Batman having a "hard next day" is what makes the character human, and this could be a major hint that this circumstance will be explored in the Robert Pattinson-led DCEU project.

By doing so, fans will get to see a unique side of The Dark Knight when The Batman premieres in theaters on March 5, 2022. 

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