Avengers: Infinity War's Tom Holland, Chris Hemsworth and Others Shown On Set In New Photos

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Chris Evans as Captain America with umbrella, Black Widow, Mark Ruffalo

Avengers: Infinity War may be over two years old now, but fans are still marveling at the absolute miracle film the Russo Brothers were able to pull off.

From director commentaries to actor interviews, new tidbits about the film are constantly getting revealed. Those aspects aside, perhaps the most intriguing information comes from set pictures. A wise man once said a picture is worth a thousand words and these eight new Infinity War stills certainly have significant stories to tell.


The most ambitious crossover of all-time is even more magnificent from behind-the-scenes. Celebrating Avengers: Infinity War 's release on Disney+, the streaming service's official Twitter account revealed eight new images of stars and production crew alike in action on set of the MCU team-up flick:

This first image showcases King T'Challa in all his glory, calmly awaiting the storm that is an Outrider army on the opposite side of Wakanda's blue barrier. Trailed by an army of Wakandan soldiers, as well as Natasha Romanoff and Bucky Barnes, Chadwick Boseman's Black Panther looks to be surveying the scene and making a battle plan. This still image captures one of the final moments before T'Challa infamously calls for the barrier to open and for the Battle of Wakanda to begin .

Here stands Natasha Romanoff, her crimson hair notably absent. Infinity War saw Scarlet Johansson's Russian spy embrace a covert look, as her aiding Steve Rogers in Captain America: Civil War made her a fugitive to the outside world. Natasha's determined visage likely means this image comes right around the famous "she's not alone" moment, but the background makes it hard to tell.

Two Nebula heads, and wait, is that a floating hoodie? Jokes aside, this image shows Nebula and Drax on what appears to be a Titan set. There's no telling what the model Nebula head is for; however, it may be used for makeup reference. Judging by their looks, Dave Bautista and Karen Gillan likely had just finished a scene when this was taken.

And coming in at number one of pictures taken seconds before disaster...

Tony and Peter look up towards something, likely Josh Brolin's Thanos, both with serious looks on their faces. The surrounding rubble means this likely takes place on Titan, and with Tony Stark's smoke-stained face, probably after a few battles with the gauntlet-wielding baddie. Tom Holland is noticeably donning a full mo-cap suit, which was later revealed as a precaution to hide the popular Iron Spider attire until the film's release.

Can anyone else hear this image? Just me?

One of the best moments from Infinity War comes when the God of Thunder arrives on Wakanda , perfectly swelled by that iconic Avengers score. Accompanying Chris Hemsworth are Sean Gunn and Krystian Godlewski, the motion-capture actors for Rocket and Groot, respectively. In the background lies Steve Rogers, in basically the exact same position he was when fans saw his reaction to his Asgardian friend's arrival.

Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth share a conversation during a break in filming. Judging by the actors' faces, this is likely after a long day on set. Hemsworth carries what could be a fan in his right hand, and appropriately so: Wakandan summers are nothing to mess with. Funny enough, the Thor actor's umbrella bares the colors of his star-spangled co-worker. It's always fun to see two of the MCU's Chrises sharing a moment, as Evans and Hemsworth's friendship has been adored by fans for years .

Elizabeth Olsen receives some magic tips from Joe Russo on the streets of Scotland. Who knew one half of the Russos knew so much about reality warping? Considering the relative calmness in the background, this image likely comes before Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glave attack Wanda and Vision.

Does anybody have more fun with Marvel movies than Mark Ruffalo? Here, Ruffalo shares a laugh with Benedict Wong during a break in filming the attack on New York. Props to Bruce and Wong for maintaining a positive attitude during the genesis of mass genocide. The background destruction paved by a middle path means this comes after Cull Obsidian's charge at Iron Man.

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