Avengers 5: How Thor & Loki Will Reunite In Kang Dynasty (Theory)

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Even though Phase 4 of the MCU introduced an impressive roster of new Marvel characters, several members of the original starting lineup are still in the game. In addition to Hawkeye and the Hulk, Thor just received his fourth film, Thor: Love and Thunder, and Loki received his own title series with Season 2 confirmed for a 2023 release.

In fact, of all the remaining initial characters, Thor and Loki are the two with the most story left to tell. 

The question, of course, is just when and where these two brothers will cross paths again; and thanks to the ending of Thor: Love and Thunder and Marvel Studios' upcoming slate, there are new possibilities to consider. 

A Tale of Two Lokis & the One & Only Thor

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It's important to note that Thor believes Loki died at the hands of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. And, technically, he's right. 

Things changed, however, in Avengers: Endgame thanks to the Avengers' Time Heist. 

When Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Smart Hulk, and Ant-Man went back to 2012, Loki escaped custody via the Tesseract, which served as the beginning of Loki on Disney+. 

This Loki is a Variant of his Earth-616 self who was redeemed during his time at the TVA and through his relationship with both Mobius and Sylvie. Also, given the implications of his Disney+ series, he just might be the quarterback character of this Multiverse Saga. 

While Season 2 of Loki is sure to explore more of the ongoing Multiversal fallout due to the importance of both Loki and Sylvie, it seems the two are destined to crossover into Earth-616 and encounter the God of Thunder. 

Theory #1: Variant Loki Meets Thor in Avengers 5

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From what fans know of the MCU's upcoming plans, all of the Multiversal shenanigans will come to a head in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty

Kang was first introduced in Season 1 of Loki where He Who Remains warned the two mischievous Variants about his own dangerous variants. 

The final episode concluded with Loki seeing a statue of Kang at the TVA and attempting to warn his friends. 

Since Loki and Sylvie know about Kang and are essentially responsible for unleashing all the Kangs, no doubt they will be front and center during Kang Dynasty, which will directly impact the Earth-616 universe. This, of course, is where Thor is raising his adopted daughter, Love.  

Since Loki is currently focused on warning everyone about Kang, perhaps he will be the one to warn Thor. If so, Variant Loki will have a lot of explaining to do concerning his seeming umpteenth resurrection, who Kang is, the Multiverse, TVA, and so on. 

The brothers will also be able to relate to one another in new ways, whether it be through their newfound relationships or, if Sylvie is still running from Loki, through the loss of the women that they loved. 

A team-up in The Kang Dynasty may also lay the groundwork for the two to fight side-by-side in Avengers: Secret Wars and possibly on the MCU's version of the comic book Battleworld.

While fans have been expecting Variant Loki to meet up with his brother at some point, Thor: Love and Thunder introduced a different means for a reunion. 

Theory #2: Loki's Valhalla Resurrection in Avengers 5

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At the end of Thor 4, Marvel audiences got their first glimpse of Valhalla - the Asgardian version of the afterlife

According to Norse mythology, one gains access to Valhalla through dying in battle or by being selected by Odin. 

Since Love and Thunder showed Jane Foster meeting Heimdall at Valhalla, fans have been questioning whether the MCU's original Loki is also in Valhalla since he is Odin's son and died redeemed through a confrontation with Thanos. 

If so, there is a way for him to come back.

In the comics, gaining access to Valhalla doesn't necessarily mean one is there forever. In fact, Jane Foster was resurrected from Valhalla and returned to Earth as Valkyrie.

If this does happen to Jane and/or Heimdall, why not the original Loki? 

Kang in The Kang Dynasty is likely to be the Avengers' greatest threat to date. If there are to be any Valhalla resurrections, this would be the time; and given Loki's Infinity War sacrifice, he's certainly worthy.  

Also, after Thor's long history of loss, what better way to cap off his personal journey than to fight alongside his brother, just as he always wanted?

However, there are a few potential problems with this theory. For one, upon killing Loki in Infinity War, Thanos said no resurrections this time.

While Thano's comment has no actual power over a Valhalla resurrection, the line was perceived as a message to the audience. 

Secondly, bringing back Loki may undercut his sacrificial death, not to mention complicate things for the MCU's Variant Loki.

Theory #3: Thor's Avengers 5 Story Ends in Valhalla

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To date, Thor is the only Avenger to have received four solo films, leading fans to wonder just how long his MCU tenure will be. 

Given that many of the original Avengers have either died or retired, Thor's own story may be drawing to a close in either The Kang Dynasty or possibly Secret Wars.

If so, it's possible Thor Odinson's happy ending and reunion with his brother could happen in Valhalla. 

The one problem with this theory is Thor's daughter, Love. However, just where that particular storyline is headed remains to be seen and will likely hinge on the events of The Kang Dynasty.

The Impending Odinson Family Reunion

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Even though the debate of when and where the sun will shine on Thor and Loki again is a mystery, answers are on the way. 

Season 2 of Loki is sure to leave audiences with a better idea of what's going on behind the scenes of the Multiverse, as well as Loki's trajectory moving forward.

But before that, Kang is set to make his debut in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania in February 2023. 

In true TVA fashion, time will tell how these brothers will cross paths; but for now, The Kang Dynasty is shaping up to be the most likely film for a Sons of Odin reunion. 

Avengers: The Kang Dynasty will premiere on May 2, 2025. 

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