Is a Live-Action Atlantis Movie Releasing Soon? New Speculation Explained

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Viral images of a live-action version of Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire have fans questioning whether a remake is coming. 

The 2001 animated film followed Milo Thatch, a bookish cartographer voiced by Michael J. Fox, who leads a group of mercenaries to the lost city of Atlantis.

Is Disney Developing a Live-Action Atlantis?

Milo in Kida in Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Unfortunately, images of a live-action Atlantis: The Lost Empire, including pictures of Millie Bobby Brown as Kida, are fake and only AI depictions of what a remake of the animated film could look like. 

In addition, a live-action Atlantis: The Lost Empire is not among Disney's upcoming remakes, which include Snow White, Moana, and Lilo & Stitch.

Interestingly, audience interest in a remake isn't exclusive to recent AI images or fan-made posts. Kirk Wise, one of the animated film's directors, was shutting down remake rumors back in 2020.

According to him (via MovieWeb), news of an Atlantis remake "has been strictly on the internet:"

"I've heard, so far, the only rumor of 'Atlantis' being tackled as a live-action movie has been strictly on the internet. I haven't gotten any independent corroboration of that."

Gary Trousdale, another of Atlantis: The Lost Empire's directors, confirmed Disney's disinterest, noting that "'Atlantis' was not on the docket:"

"I've actually heard the opposite, that at the last big convention where Disney rolls out their five-year plan [D23 Expo], that 'Atlantis' was not on the docket."

Will Disney Ever Develop a Live-Action Atlantis?

While Kirk Wise and Gary Trousdale's comments are several years old, and despite ongoing interest in an Atlantis redo, there is still no evidence of Disney greenlighting a live-action version of the early 2000s film. 

Whether that will change is unknown, especially since Disney live-action remakes continue to garner criticism from fans for exploiting nostalgia. 

However, given that Atlantis: The Lost Empire failed to deliver at the box office in 2001, it would be interesting to see if a live-action version could outperform the original.

For fans eager to experience Atlantis outside of animation, the following is a fan-made film that adapted the original film's beginning with Milo:

Atlantis: The Lost Empire is streaming on Disney+.

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