Incredibles 3 Just Became a Lot More Likely, According To Pixar President

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The Incredibles family from Pixar

According to the president of Pixar, Incredibles 3 is something the studio is potentially considering. 

The Incredibles franchise debuted in 2004 to rave reviews, becoming one of Disney Pixar's most beloved movies to date. It told the story of a super-powered family living in an alternate 1960s-tinged world where superheroes were no longer welcome.

The original film was big enough to be one of six Pixar titles to spawn a sequel which was released in 2018. The sequel earned a stellar 93% on Rotten Tomatoes and raked over $1.2 billion at the worldwide box office

Pixar President Talks Third Incredibles Movie

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Incredibles 3 became much more likely, thanks to a new report from Pixar President Jim Morris. 

According to reporting from Bloomberg, Morris is heading up a shift at Pixar that could see the studio pursue more sequels and proven IP than ever before. 

The renowned animation studio's new initiative will focus on balancing original ideas with sequels and spin-offs of some of its biggest properties. 

The report mentioned Finding Nemo and The Incredibles, citing them as Pixar franchises regarded as "particularly strong candidates for new titles."

Morris has said he aims to release three movies every two years, a change from the studio's long-running on-a-year strategy. 

As part of this, the Pixar president wants every other title to be a sequel or spinoff to an already established IP, with the others being standalone one-offs or the start of potential new franchises. 

That is not to say Incredible 3 is a guarantee. For a long time, Pixar has maintained a strict 'only make a sequel if it feels 1000% justified' policy.  

Lindsay Collins, Pixar's Senior Vice President for Development, spoke to the outlet. She said she could not yet talk about the projects she is working on (the first of which should be released in 2027), but she has been running ideas by her teenage son. 

She recently discussed Incredibles 3 with her son, asking him, "The other day, I was like, 'What if I told you we were making an Incredibles 3?'" to which the teen replied, "Money grab."

Collins believes that it can be dangerous game-making sequels unless they can justify their existence to the audience:

"The other day, I was like, 'What if I told you we were making an Incredibles 3?' And he was like, 'Money grab.' And I was like, 'F---.' Sequels are a double-edged sword, because the audience can be brutal and so quick to judge. Unless they’re worthy."

Jim Morris and the Pixar team must feel confident in their storytelling ability to pursue more established franchises going forward and prove the worth of these sequels/spin-offs to crowds. 

On the idea of making another Finding Nemo, another title that was identified by Morris in this new strategy, Pixar Chief Creative Officer Pete Doctor posited that "the ocean’s a big place," and there are plenty of places the Nemo films still have not gone:

"Where else have we not gone in the ocean? The ocean’s a big place. I think there’s a lot of opportunity there. We’re kind of fishing around—ha-ha."

Inside Out 2, the sequel to the beloved 2015, will be a big proving ground for Pixar's new initiative in just a couple of weeks. 

Pixar has failed to find its footing post-COVID-19 (outside the stunning turnaround performance of last year's Elemental) following Disney films exclusively on Disney+ over the pandemic without any proper theatrical release. 

Morris and the Pixar brain trust are looking to Inside Out 2 to jumpstart the studio into theatrical relevance, hopefully ushering in this new era of the animation house with a win. 

Why Would Pixar Make Incredibles 3?

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The idea of The Incredibles 3 being discussed may shock a few fans, given Pixar's relative hesitancy to pursue sequels in the past. 

However, this is a different Pixar owned by Disney amid a post-COVID-19 cleanup headed by CEO Bob Iger

Major movie studios across the industry have struggled to bounce back following the global COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing shutdown of businesses, including movie theaters. 

This has caused all the major players to re-evaluate their creative business, adjusting what gets greenlit and what does not. 

As part of Disney's strategy, Iger (and, in turn, the entire company) has placed a significant focus on proven IP. 

The Disney CEO has already given the rubber stamp to films like Moana 2, Toy Story 5, and a third Frozen film

This mention of Incredibles 3 and a new Finding Nemo makes total sense, given the direction the rest of Disney is headed now. 

Both Pixar franchises have been massive hits previously, drawing in more than $2.75 billion for the Nemo films, as well as Incredibles and Incredibles 2

If anything will bring audiences back to theaters for a Disney animated movie, it is proven hits from the studio's past. 

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Incredibles and Incredibles 2 are streaming now on Disney+. 

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