Ariana DeBose Just Made Her Marvel Movie Debut (Photos)

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Ariana DeBose Marvel Avengers

West Side Story's Ariana DeBose just made her big Marvel debut in the trailer for Sony Pictures' upcoming Spider-Man spin-off film Kraven the Hunter

Back in March 2022, it was announced that DeBose would be joining Aaron Taylor Johnson as Calypso.  Besides her name, further details about how she'd play into the upcoming Spider-Man spinoff weren't given.

=The actress herself previously expressed how excited she is to be "part of something that feels like it's taking a step in a right direction."

Meet Ariana DeBose's Calypso

Araiana DeBose as Calypso

With the first teaser out for Aaron Taylor Johnson's upcoming film Kraven the Hunter, fans also were given their first look at Ariana DeBose's Calypso in the film.

In the comics, the character is a Haitian voodoo priestess who utilizes magic potions, herbs, and charms, among other mystical shenanigans. She's also been a love interest for Kraven at times.

After Kraven died in the comics, Calypso even made it her goal to try and resurrect him.

From the brief footage in the trailer, it doesn't look like DeBose's take on the character will be all too similar to her comic counterpart.

Ariana DeBose, Calypso

In her second scene, it becomes even clearer that this take on Calypso isn't going to be ripped right off the pages.

Additionally, this scene comes off as an early meeting between her and Kraven, who already seems to have powers of some sort. In the comics, Calypso is the one that provides potions to the villain, giving him enhanced abilities.

Either that never happens, or perhaps Kraven's powerset increases as the movie goes on.

Ariana DeBose, Calypse

Calypso's Role In Kraven

Calypso's comic counterpart is a little insane and very intense. It's easy to see why the filmmakers might want to lean away from that and focus on a more grounded approach.

At the very least, what seems to be sticking is that Ariana DeBose will be close to Kraven in the film. There's a good chance the writers will choose to capitalize on their history of being romantic partners in the comics.

Hopefully, that doesn't mean she's doomed to die at the hands of Kraven's enemies.

On top of her role in Kraven, DeBose will also be providing the voice to Asha, the main character of Disney's upcoming animated film Wish.

Kraven the Hunter lands in theaters on October 6.

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