Marvel’s Rhino Villain Confirmed for Live-Action Return In 2023 Movie

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Spider-Man, Rhino

Rhino is been confirmed to play a key role in an upcoming live-action Marvel film later this year.

The iconic villain shares a long history with Spider-Man. He often appears going up against the webhead in comics, video games, and even animated shows.

He did briefly get a live-action appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Sadly, that version of the character, who isn’t anything close to the source material, never saw any true action on screen - he even missed the Multiversal villain reunion party in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Now, the baddie is getting another chance on the big screen.

Kraven Hunts the Rhino

Rhino, Spider-Man

Sony Pictures just showed the first teaser for Kraven the Hunter at CinemaCon, and it surprised fans by confirming that Rhino will be part of the story.

According to Erik Davis, the footage started by seeing ”Kraven biting a dude’s nose off,” a firm example of the film’s newly confirmed R-rating.

The footage then goes on to introduce audiences to the classic Spider-Man villain, the Rhino.

As reported by Discussing Film, as they “[inject themselves] with a serum,” an unidentified figure is heard saying “Don’t you want to know why they call me The Rhino,” as he starts to transform into “a huge Rhino monster.”

This is far more comic-accurate than the last time the character was in live-action, where he was simply in a large mech suit.

The outlet reported how “the footage only saw his arm morphing into a big gray rhino-like fist that did look somewhat comic-accurate.”

Industry insider Jeff Sneider reportedly regonized the actor’s voice as Alessandro Nivola, who was cast in the film just over a year ago.

Kraven Goes On The Hunt

Including Rhino into the mix is a surprisingly organic choice by Sony, and it makes perfect sense for someone like him to go up again Kraven.

But if the villain is taking some special serum, could the film include other animal-themed bad guys?

Top contenders would be Scorpion (who remains an unresolved plot point in the MCU) or Vermin. Then there’s Vulture, but Michael Keaton’s take on that character is currently wandering around aimlessly in Morbius’s world—so he’s not likely to make an appearance.

The next animal that should be on Kraven’s list is of the arachnid variety. One day, maybe?

Another creature-based villain confirmed to appear is The Chameleon, played by White Lotus’ Fred Hechinger. Could he be behind this mysterious serum going around?

Kraven the Hunter hits theaters on October 6.

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