First Look at Aaron Taylor-Johnson's Spider-Man Villain Officially Released (Photos)

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Kraven Aaron Taylor-Johnson

A new look at Aaron Taylor Johnson's upcoming Spider-Man villain, Kraven the Hunter, was just released by Sony Pictures in the form of a new poster.

While word of the character's solo outing originated in 2018, filming only recently wrapped last June. The project will follow Venom and Morbius as another entry in Sony's Spider-Man Universe and its third villain-centric franchise.

The movie promises to focus on an "unexpectedly dark world" and will even be rated R. Additionally, while Spider-Man won't be included, two other comic book villains will be featured alongside Kraven: Rhino and the Chameleon.

Kraven the Hunter Gets A Poster

Sony Pictures just released the first official poster for its upcoming Kraven the Hunter 

The poster sees Aaron Taylor-Johnson's leading Spider-Man villain sitting in a throne while wearing a comic-accurate costume, including a huge piece of fur over his shoulders and a tooth-adorned necklace.

Kraven the Hunter

A banner version of the same art was also made available.

Kraven the Hunter

For eagle-eyed fans out there, they'll notice that the pose is based on an iconic Kraven comic panel.

Kraven the Hunter, Spider-Man

Along with the poster, Sony unveiled the first trailer, which is a bulky three-minute-long trailer.

Aaron Taylor Johnson, Kraven the Hunter

On top of his classic attire briefly glimpsed in the trailer, Johnson can also be spotted in a more sleek vested version of Kraven's look.

Aaron Taylor Johnson, Kraven the Hunter

The entire trailer can be watched below:

Kraven's Hunt Begins

One thing working in Kraven's favor for his origin story is how an exploration of those areas of his life don't necessarily need Spider-Man to be involved. That makes this project feel more organic and natural compared to Venom, a character who has always been inherently tied to Peter Parker since his inception.

The trailer looks solid, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson looks great in his accurate hunter outfit.

While the poster is ripping directly off of an iconic comic image, it's funny to point out that it also bares a striking resemblance to Black Panther's poster. It even brings to mind Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam from the DC world.

Many fans feel it's hard to be excited for the film since the character is being kept away from Spider-Man, much like Sony did with Venom. Kraven was always a top pick to feature in a Spidey film—in fact, at one point, the third Tom Holland outing could have used the villain.

Perhaps if Kraven the Hunter performs well, and ends up being a decent movie, Sony could work to see him go up against the iconic webhead. Though, as it stands, Tom Hardy's Venom remains completely separated from Spidey, and there's no sign of Morbius ever showing up again after his substantial flop.

For those who want even more Kraven in their lives, the villain is also the leading antagonist of Insomniac's upcoming PS5 game Spider-Man 2.

Kraven the Hunter hits theaters on October 6.

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