Ant-Man 3's Next Trailer Release Date Officially Revealed

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Ant-Man and wasp quantumania

Fans recently learned when to expect the next full trailer for the MCU's first Phase 5 entry, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

Ant-Man 3 will be Marvel Studios' first new outing in the Multiverse Saga’s second Phase, pitting Scott Lang, Hope Van Dyne, and their families against a terrifying villain in Kang the Conqueror. With that movie fast approaching its February 17 release date, fans are anxious to see more of the super-powered blockbuster in the next expected trailer for the threequel.

The first trailer for Ant-Man 3 premiered in late October, providing a first full look at Kang along with teases for other exciting characters and locations in the movie. Marvel also took an opportunity to tease the movie again on Christmas Day, although only a couple of new seconds of footage were released to the public.

Now, with Phase 5 on the horizon and all eyes pointed to the upcoming shakedown in the Quantum Realm, a new announcement has teased when fans can expect to see more of what’s to come.

New Ant-Man 3 Trailer Date Announced

Ant-Man and Wasp Quantumania

During the Fiesta Bowl between Michigan and Texas Christian University on ESPN, Marvel Studios announced plans to release a new trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

That new 'Exclusive Look' trailer will debut on ESPN at some point during the National College Football Championship game on Monday, January 9, which starts at 7:30 pm EST.

Marvel Studios has teamed up with ESPN in years past for trailer releases, most recently in 2020 for Phase 4’s Black Widow. Although the film later faced significant delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that trailer first premiered on ESPN about four months before its original release date.

What Will Come in New Ant-Man 3 Trailer?

Ant-Man 3's original trailer only gave fans a scope of the kind of scale that the movie will use with the Quantum Realm, offering just a small tease of what Kang has in store for Team Ant-Man. Theories have pointed to this movie being the first big step in his plan for Multiversal domination and/or annihilation, although the next look into the movie should provide more details on that plan.

In the past, second trailers for MCU movies have expanded on more specific details for what will happen in the plot of said movie, which is precisely what should happen for Ant-Man 3.

Perhaps fans will see the moment when Kang asks Scott if he's killed Ant-Man before, as fans saw in the trailers from both San Diego Comic-Con and the D23 Fan Expo. There could also be more new information on Bill Murray's Krylar or other key players in the Quantum Realm, and there are always the unpredictable surprises that are in play for a studio like Marvel.

Tickets should also go on sale for Ant-Man 3 close to when this trailer premieres with the MCU looking to make a huge splash on a year filled with huge movie releases across the entertainment landscape.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is set to release in theaters on Feburary 17, 2023.

Release Date
February 17, 2023
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