Andrew Garfield Receives New Ultra-Detailed Spider-Man Hot Toys Figure (Photos)

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Spider-Man, No Way Home, Andrew Garfield

Spider-Man: No Way Home was easily one of the biggest Marvel events last year. In fact, the third MCU Spidey outing was one of the webhead’s craziest moments ever. Not only did the story bring back five previous villains for Tom Holland’s Peter Parker to fight, but also two different Spider-Men for him to team up with: Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire.

While Maguire is the original live-action Spider-Man, many fans absolutely adored Garfield’s take on the character

It didn’t take long for a petition to start for the actor to be given another Spidey project of his own with The Amazing Spider-Man 3. While that hasn’t happened quite yet, Garfield has still continued to receive plenty of praise for returning to the red and blue spandex.

For all those collectors out there, it seems that fans can now get their own 1/6 scale figure of The Amazing Spider-Man, thanks to a new announcement from Hot Toys.

Hot Toys Reveals Andrew Garfield

In a new announcement from Hot Toys, the company has officially announced a new 1/6 scale replica figure of Andrew Garfield’s fan-favorite Spider-Man from his appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

As is normally the case with the company's works, the figure simply looks stunning.

Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield, No Way Home

It even comes with a fully detailed head sculpt or the man underneath the mask.

Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield, No Way Home

The details are astounding; it feels like Garfield just jumped out of his portal.

Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield, No Way Home

He’ll come with his own web pieces, as the Spidey figures generally do so that he can be posed in a swinging action.

Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield, No Way Home

The Amazing Spider-Man looks great when it comes to pose-ability without having to sacrifice any detail in his suit.

Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield, No Way Home

Here’s a complete rundown of what the figure comes with, including a stylized base and several hand variations.

Andrew Garfield, Spider-Man, No Way Home

Andrew Garfield Has Finally Arrived

For 1/6 scale collectors, today is a glorious day. It’s been months since Hot Toys first teased potential figures for the other two Spideys in No Way Home, and now at least one of the two is official.

For those who plan on getting this Andrew Garfield figure, make sure to take a look at the incredible Electro piece they have as well. It would undoubtedly make for a perfect display when paired alongside his web-slinging foe.

So now, while fans can get Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield, where’s Tobey Maguire? It’s not clear what’s taking so long, but he’ll almost certainly get a reveal at some point in the future—it would be awkward for them to leave him out of the trio. Especially since making that figure is some of the easiest money the company could possibly make.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is now available to buy wherever movies are sold.

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