Andor Showrunner Spoils the Ending of Season 2

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Andor showrunner Tony Gilroy spoiled the ending for Season 2 of the hit Star Wars series. 

The Diego Luna-starring Disney+ series is headed for his sophomore season on the streamer, telling the story of Cassian Andor before the events of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

From day one, it has been teased that Andor would answer the question, "How did we end there [in Rogue One]?" But exactly what that means has remained a massive question mark.

With Season 2 of the sci-take on a cold war thriller currently in production (despite the ongoing writers' strike), it could be some time before fans see the series come to a close on Disney+, but that is not to say news on the Andor-front will go silent any time soon. 

Andor's Season 2 Ending Spoiled

Tivik and Andor in Star Wars: Rogue One
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Despite Andor Season 2 being in the midst of production, showrunner Tony Gilroy revealed how the series will end. 

Spoiling the Season 2 ending, Gilroy told Entertainment Weekly the critically acclaimed Star Wars series will end with Diego Luna's Cassian Andor "walking out to the ship to Rings of Kafrene to go meet Tivik" (aka the first mission seen at the beginning of Rogue One):

“We said that in the first junket. He’s going to be walking up– I didn’t mind. They were like, ‘Do you wanna say that?’ Or whatever. I didn’t mind, because that is our frame, and everyone should know, and it’s good to define it, in a weird way. Yeah, he’s going to be walking out to the ship to Rings of Kafrene to go meet Tivik. He’s on his way to that first mission. So that’s our final– That’s our farewell.”

On the subject of the Andor ending, Gilroy also told The Playlist, "Our final scene of the show is no secret," describing that same getting on the ship sequence heading off to his Rogue One mission:

“Yeah, I mean, our final scene of the show is no secret; it’s going to be [Cassian] walking across the tarmac to get in the ship to go to the Rings of Kafrene to go meet, Daniel Mays’ [Tivik informant character that Cassian kills in ‘Rogue One,’ because he’s become a liability], he’s going there.”

Why Andor's Ending Doesn't Matter?

Andor finds itself in an interesting spot that not a lot of TV or movies does, in that the ending doesn't really matter.

Audiences already know where this character is going to go, what he will go through, and how he ultimately comes to his untimely end.

And it is not as though Andor will end with any significant amount of time before when fans next see him. In the same way that Rogue One bled directly into A New Hope, Andor Season 2 will bleed directly into Rogue One

So the ending feels almost insignificant. But what leads to that point could be truly special. And it is ultimately a credit to what Tony Gilroy and his team have done, that viewers are as bought into this journey as they are knowing how this story goes. 

As Gilroy said elsewhere in his Playlist interview, it is not about the when and where of this story but rather the "how and why.” So while audiences may know what is going to happen, seeing what the characters go through to get there is where Andor works its magic. 

And with the success of Season 1 of Gilroy's Star Wars series, it looks like fans will be in for a treat learning the "devastating" how and why of Cassian Andor and the Rebellion. 

Andor Season 2 has no official release date as of yet but is expected sometime in summer 2024.  

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