Andor Post-Credits Scene Sets Up 1 Major Star Wars Cameo for Season 2

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Cassian Andor, death star

The final scene of Andor’s big finale on Disney+ seems to have set up a big cameo for Season 2 of the show.

The Cassian Andor-focused Star Wars series just released the big conclusion to its freshman run, and it’s easy to say that Lucasfilm and Disney stuck the landing. The show’s entire first season has been heavily praised by fans and critics alike, so many will be relieved to hear that it doesn’t stumble at the finish line.

Not only does it round out the first half of the show in a satisfying way, but it also perfectly lays the groundwork for what’s to come in the second half—which just started production as it aims for an estimated release window of late 2024.

As exciting as the latest episode was, however, it’s the post-credits scene that really gets the adrenaline pumping. It not only featured some classic Star Wars visuals, but it also hinted at a big cameo in Season 2.

Looking at the Finale Post-Credits Scene

Warning - The rest of this article contains spoilers for Andor Episode 12.

Andor, Death Star

After the credits roll by in the Andor Season 1 finale, the first thing viewers see on screen are small tools hard at work on something unknown, installing panels of some sort.

Andor, Death Star

As the camera zooms out, the scale of the golden panels is revealed, as are the many spider-like droids working on them. Going even further out into space, audiences now see what seems to be a satellite-looking structure.

Andor, Death Star

However, the final shot gives away its identity, and it isn’t a satellite. Instead, it’s the planet-killing Superlaser being installed into the Death Star itself.

Andor, Death Star

The inclusion of the Death Star points to the involvement of a key Rogue One character: Orsen Krennic.

Adding Krennic into the Andor Mix

Orson Krennic in Rogue One
Star Wars

Back in June of 2021, The Direct was informed by our sources that Ben Mendelsohn would be reprising his Rogue One role of Orsen Krennic for Andor. Obviously, this didn’t come to pass, at least not yet.

The creatives behind the show have been very vocal about the structure of Season 2 and how the show will lead up to Rogue One. This means that they’ve probably known exactly how everything was going to play out for some time.

Perhaps it’s always been the intention to only include Krennic in the sophomore run. It could be simply as a cameo, or he could potentially have a substantial role, one that could connect to Syril and Dedra’s story within the inner workings of the Empire.

For those who don’t know or remember, Krennic is a key figure when it comes to those involved in the Death Star. Canonically, the man has been involved with its construction as far back as the Clone Wars.

So if the story focuses on the Death Star in any substantial way, it would be hard not to include him.

Organically Weaving in Canon

Krennic, Andor
Star Wars

It’s previously been revealed that the show's second half would be split into four three-episode arcs, each jumping one year further in time. Krennic could play a part in all of them or just one of them—with the final three being the most likely.

Many might be hesitant at the notion of including further known characters from other projects, as many praised Andor for not trying to always include cameo after cameo. While that’s understandable, the same logic shouldn’t apply here.

In this case, the inclusion of Krennic is organic due to what the character is doing at the time in the franchise’s lore. In fact, if the story spends any time exploring the Death Star or its construction, then it would honestly be detrimental for the story itself not to include him.

They could also explore the events leading up to Galen Erso sending his message to Forest Whitaker’s Saw Gerrera, who already appeared more than once in Andor’s first season. That event is the inciting incident of Rogue One, so it would make perfect sense for it to be a part of the show’s conclusion.

Another fun Imperial character who could be included is Thrawn. While he’s not all too connected to the Death Star, he is quite active in these four years leading into Rogue One.

While his involvement in Star Wars: Rebels would likely keep him from being a part of the back half of the season, perhaps the character could stop by for the first or second set of episodes.

Season 1 of Andor is now streaming on Disney+.

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