Amazing Digital Circus Episode 3 Release, Story & Everything We Know

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Here's everything that audiences know about The Amazing Digital Circus Episode 3, including possible release dates and story details.

After a nearly seven-month wait, fans could finally dive into the show's second episode. The latest installment, from YouTube creator Gooseworx, saw Pomni and her digital friends forced into an adventure in Candy Canyon Kingdom, which led to classic shenanigans and deep existential dread for everyone involved.

When Does Amazing Digital Circus Episode 3 Air?

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Glitch Productions

As of writing, The Amazing Digital Circus Episode 3 does not have a proper release window. It should premiere sometime in 2024, with future episodes following into 2025.

The wait between Episodes 1 and 2 was seven months, but that's unlikely to be the typical release window for each installment. With how popular the Gooseworx's series has become, it's difficult to imagine them wanting to wait long.

Additionally, one of Glitch Production's (the company behind Amazing Digital Circus) other shows, Murder Drones, generally released an episode every two months.  

If the cadence is similar, then Episode 3 could drop in July.

What Will Happen Next in Pomni's World in Episode 3?

Generally, the plot of Episode 3 remains a mystery. 

Everyone seems confident that Episode 3 will be about Zooble, the character made of mixed-matched pieces. In fact, they will even get a new design in the future. 

A video from Internet Inferno summarized hints fans might have missed about what's next in the series.

For one, they pointed out an image posted from Gooseworx that teased similarities to a tentacle monster named Carrion. This matches the idea that the next big bad in Episode 3 is potentially a tentacle monster based on something from the old Raggedy Ann & Andy movie.

Audiences will also likely see ghosts in Episode 3, one of whom is named Martha Midenhall, along with other new characters.

A separate post from Gooseworx seemingly confirmed that Episode 3 will also be notably dark, though it is unclear how serious the creator is about revealing this information.

Two other notable pieces of imagery have been teased: an unfinished stadium and Jax working a fast-food job. It's unclear if these will pop up in Episode 3, but hopefully, details won't remain unknown for long.

The Amazing Digital Circus can be streamed for free on YouTube.

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