Amazing Digital Circus Episode 2 Release Date & Time Get Officially Announced

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The Amazing Digital Circus clown

Fans now finally know when exactly they will be getting to watch episode 2 of The Amazing Digital Circus.

The show follows a digital avatar named Pomni, a human who is now trapped in an insane virtual world with no memory of who she used to be, as she is messed around with by crazy Caine, the ringleader of her new circumstance.

The pilot episode of the show was first published on October 13, 2023, but no new episodes have landed since then. 

The previous update announced that a new installment would be released in May 2024, with further entries dropping throughout 2024 and 2025.

[ The Amazing Digital Circus Episode 2 Release Gets Exciting Announcement ]

The Amazing Digital Circus Episode 2 Gets a Release Date

The Amazing Digital Circus has announced when Episode 2 will release.

On the GLITCH X (formerly Twitter) account, they posted an image of Kinger and Gangle stuck in a gumball machine, with the caption: "DIGITAL CIRCUS EP 2 DROPS [5/3/2024]!!!!!"

Kinger and Gangle stuck in a gumball machine in The Amazing Digital Circus
Glitch Productions

Fans can find a direct link to where the episode will drop on YouTube at this link.

Glitch Productions also dropped a teaser for fans that gives away very little about the new episode, except for the fact that it will see the show's cast journeying to the Candy Canyon Kingdom. 

The clip can be seen here:

What Should Fans Expect in Episode 2?

Much like Pomni herself, even after watching the new teaser, most audiences are likely still unsure what to expect in the new episode.

One thing is certain, though: the insanity presented in the show's first episode does not look to be slowing down at all. If anything, the Candy Canyon Kingdom is only going to give the series even more opportunities to dial the wackiness up to 11.

There seem to be lots of Mad Max-inspired driving sequences, angry candy Crocs, odd gummy horse/elephant creatures, candy royalty, and more.

Despite the nearly seven-month wait since the first episode, audiences still seem to be sticking around—the teaser for The Amazing Digital Circus' next episode has over 17 million views on YouTube. 

Needless to say, it looks like the team at Glitch Productions can safely take their time to deliver fans the quality they hope for.

The Amazing Digital Circus Episode 2 will debut on YouTube on May 3.

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