The Amazing Digital Circus Episode 2 Release Gets Exciting Announcement

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The incredibly popular animated web series, The Amazing Digital Circus, has a confirmed release window for Episode 2.

The show first premiered on YouTube on October 13 of last year, with its pilot garnering over a whopping 270 million views in the five months since.

The story follows a group of humans who become stuck in a VR game, all immediately forgetting who they were the second they got there.

The Amazing Digital Circus Episode 2 Release Window Announced

A new announcement from Glitch Productions on X (formerly Twitter) revealed that Episode 2 of The Amazing Digital Circus is expected to be released in May 2024. On top of that, further installments will be dropping throughout both 2024 and 2025.

The full announcement confirmed that “[they’re] also working hard on Murder Drones,” another of its shows:

“THE DIGITAL CIRCUS IS COMING!! We've been hard at work & will be dropping episodes this year & into next year. Thank you for your patience… We're also working hard on Murder Drones & will be releasing final episodes soon! For now we're looking at DC ep 2 coming out around May.”

For those who missed it, the company also dropped a fun YouTube video recently flaunting its success and teasing what might be next for the story.

As for what fans can expect in future episodes of The Amazing Digital Circus, the video contained a few tidbits—though it’s worth noting that some may only be jokes.

The one plot point that seems a little too prominent to be a lie is a teased trip to Candy Canyon Kingdom. Many were probably immediately reminded of Wreck it Ralph’s Sugar Rush when the image popped up.

The Amazing Digital Circus, Candy Canyon Kindom
Glitch Productions

The video also included Kinger with a shotgun, Jax working minimal wage, and an unfinished stadium rendering.

Jax, The Amazing Digital Circus
Glitch Productions

After that, Caine quickly throws up a handful of brief glimpses showcasing several new characters coming to the show.

While May 2024 seems to be the goal for more episodes, the video ends with text suggesting possible delays: “Episodes will come out when they’re ready.”

For fans who want to support the series, a new storefront was announced where people can buy merchandise for The Amazing Digital Circus. All money received will go straight to making the show possible.

Some items for sale include Caine Plush, Pomni Animatez, Caine Animatez, Retro Carnival T-Shirt, Digital Circus Pilot Record Vinyl, Pomni Pin, Bubble Pin, and Digital Cross Sticker Part 1.

The Amazing Digital Circus
Glitch Productions

Can Fans Handle the Wait For More Digital Circus?

Fans are undoubtedly anxious to get more of The Amazing Digital Circus.

Even with the teases given by Glitch Productions, it’s impossible to guess what is next for the show, especially with how abstract the entire premise is.

It’s also interesting that The Amazing Digital Circus remains an independent project. For reference, another popular animated series called Hazbin Hotel started the same way. It was picked up by A24 and Amazon Prime Video, becoming a full-fledged production.

The Amazing Digital Circus surpassed Hazbin’s pilot (a show that just got an exciting Season 2 update) as the most-viewed independent animation pilot on the platform—where’s that same love?

While fans wait for more episodes of The Amazing Digital Circus, check out Glitch Productions' other animated shows, including Murder Drones, Meta Runner, and Sunset Paradise. While none of them are quite as abstract, they all have charm.

Fans can watch the pilot episode of The Amazing Digital Circus on YouTube ahead of the premiere of Episode 2 this May.

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