Is Peter Krause Leaving 911? Captain Nash's Season Finale Exit Worries Explained

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Season 7, Episode 9 of 911 set the stage for a potential exit from Peter Krause's Captain Nash, leaving fans worried he will leave the show ahead of the season finale.

Krause's Bobby Nash is a 911 mainstay, having been part of the series as the captain of Station 118 since its inception in 2018. Although his time playing the role has never felt like a given due to his story.

Season 7 already scared fans after he and Angela Bassett's Athena Grant-Nash narrowly escaped their sinking cruise ship on their honeymoon, and the drama has not let up in the weeks since.

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911's Exit Scare for Peter Krause's Captain Nash

Peter Krause in 9-1-1 Season 7

Peter Krause's Captain Bobby Nash found himself in danger following the events of Season 7, Episode 9 (titled "Ashes, Ashes"). This comes after a flashback in Episode 8, where fans saw his tragic origin story and the start of his alcohol issues.

While the episode starts with the 118 being honored for saving countless people on Bobby and Athena's cruise ship earlier in the season, the story gets dark quickly.

Still affected by his interaction with Malcolm-Jamal Warner's Amir, whose wife died in the fire Bobby set before the show's timeline, Bobby secretly decides to step down from his role as captain and retire from the LAFD. 

Athena is shocked by that decision, trying to get Amir over for dinner to find out what's bothering Bobby before Amir backs out and tells Bobby to stay away from him.

At work, Bobby trains and guides the rest of the 118 to take his place without them knowing what he's doing by assisting on calls, teaching them how to cook his best meals, and having a heart-to-heart with each team member.

At the end of the episode, Bobby admits his original life plan to Athena, where he would have committed suicide after saving 148 lives - the same number of people killed in the fire he set in Minnesota.

After that causes a rift between Bobby and his wife, he gets lost in a dream centered on his alcoholic father, seen in multiple flashback scenes from Episode 8 (see Episode 8's full cast here). Waking up after confronting those demons, he realizes his house is on fire before grabbing Athena and rescuing her.

Following that rescue, fans see Bobby grab his heart and fall over, with the screen turning to black after firefighters rush to save him.

Will Peter Krause Leave 911?

Captain Nash is no stranger to exit scares on 911, with his story always having felt in limbo after fans first learned about the accident that killed his family in Season 1.

Along with numerous incidents fighting fires that put Bobby's life in danger, he's gone through troubles with his alcohol abuse and even his marriage.

However, this new challenge feels more serious than ever before.

Fans don't believe Krause is done playing Captain Nash quite yet, as he told The Wrap that he has "a few more" seasons left in him depending on how much his body can handle the toll of filming:

"It depends on the physical demands of the role. I don’t think my body can hold out for another seven seasons, but I have a few more in me."

In the end, though, 911 can only tease this exit so many times, and viewers are now feeling quite nervous that Bobby's last time suiting up in this story could be in the Season 7 finale.

The 911 Season 7 finale will debut on Thursday, May 30 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC, and the rest of the season is streaming on Hulu.

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