Is Bobby Leaving 911? The Future of Peter Krause's Character Explained

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9-1-1, Peter Krause as Bobby

Peter Krause's future as Bobby Nash on 9-1-1 is in question following the show's latest episode.

Krause spent the last six years leading 9-1-1's cast as Robert "Bobby" Nash, the captain of the LAFD's Station 118, alongside Angela Bassett's LAPD Sergeant Athena Grant-Nash.

Working through a lifelong struggle with alcoholism while leading his team of firefighters and his new family with Athena, Bobby continues to be a force of nature throughout Season 7.

Peter Krause's Future on 9-1-1 as Bobby Explained

Peter Krause as Bobby in 9-1-1

Season 7, Episode 8 of ABC's 9-1-1 left fans wondering about Peter Krause's future playing LAFD Fire Captain Bobby Nash.

This episode sees Bobby interact once again with Malcolm-Jamal Warner's Amir in an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, where Amir reveals his connection to Bobby. 

Amir lost his wife in the tragic fire Bobby accidentally set in Minnesota a decade prior, which was detailed in a flashback episode from Season 2. That fire took the lives of 148 people, including Bobby's wife and two children, for which Bobby has been atoning throughout his run on 9-1-1.

Hoping to make amends, Bobby tracks Amir to the border between the United States and Mexico, where Amir runs into trouble with the local cartel and winds up getting shot. He then has to rely on Bobby, the last person he wants to see, for help.

Additionally, the promo for Season 7, Episode 9 hinted at a heavily emotional episode for Bobby as Station 118 is honored and awarded for their work saving passengers on a cruise ship earlier in the season.

Arguing with Athena over whether he should be considered a hero, Bobby goes on to say he is "not supposed to be here" and "should have died in that fire," referencing the accidental blaze he set in Minnesota.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Warner discussed the end of the episode, which sees Bobby and Amir seemingly finding a middle ground and being able to move forward without forgiveness.

When asked what he can tease about Amir's significant role at the end of the season, Warner hinted at a somewhat messy ending:

"Oh, man.... That it's not the neatly tied-in-a-bow ending that one might expect."

Following Season 7, Episode 2, Krause discussed the cruise ship storyline with The Wrap, which saw Bobby and Athena on their long-awaited honeymoon before the ship was hijacked and almost sunk in a hurricane.

Although the couple was saved, Krause admitted that many audience members "almost hope they die together," referencing the classic Shakespeare story of Romeo and Juliet:

"As an audience member, you almost hope they die together. I was filming it and thinking, 'Let’s just Romeo and Juliet this thing right now.' I know the show’s gotta go on, but we’re never going to be able to top this."

However, he also hopes to see 9-1-1 continue beyond Season 7, even with uncertainty about how much his body can hold out at 58 years old:

"It depends on the physical demands of the role. I don’t think my body can hold out for another seven seasons, but I have a few more in me."

Will Peter Krause's Bobby Leave 9-1-1?

Outside of Angela Bassett, Peter Krause has been the biggest staple of 9-1-1's story since its debut in 2018, evolving and growing as a captain while regularly handling his past demons.

These episodes also are not the first time that Bobby has been put in trouble during his time on the show. 

Season 4 saw Bobby and Athena go through a rough spot in their marriage when Athena thought Bobby was cheating on her. Athena has also done everything in her power to support Bobby in his constant battle against alcoholism over most of the last seven years.

Considering Bobby and Amir's story is not quite over yet, it seems inevitable that more drama will arise between the two as Bobby has to face his past harder than he's had to in years.

Currently, there is no official news on whether he or anybody else will depart the series before Season 8 arrives, but the last few episodes of Season 7 are sure to drop plenty of unexpected bombshells before then.

New episodes of 9-1-1 Season 7 air every Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC, and they begin streaming on Hulu the following day.

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