Star Wars Celebrates The Clone Wars' Official Watch Order (Chronological)

The Star Wars Twitter account shared an article that lists The Clone Wars' episodes chronologically.

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Ahsoka Stars React to Exciting Season 2 Announcement

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Ahsoka Cast, Characters & Actors

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Dave Filoni
June 7, 1974
Job Title:
Executive Producer
The Mandalorian
The Book of Boba Fett
Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Star Wars: The Bad Batch
Star Wars Rebels
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The Mandalorian: Dave Filoni Reveals the Challenges of Rosario Dawson's Ahsoka Design

Rosario Dawson and Dave Filoni discuss the process of adapting Ahsoka Tano to live-action for The Mandalorian.

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The Mandalorian Season 2: George Lucas Urged Dave Filoni to 'Go Faster' On Set

The Mandalorian showrunner Jon Favreau shared an amusing story of how Star Wars creator George Lucas visited the set of the hit show while urging director Dave Filoni to shoot scenes faster.

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Dave Filoni Talks SPOILERS About Ending of The Clone Wars and Finishing The Mandalorian Season 2

Dave Filoni shared his thoughts on ending The Clone Wars, Maul's lightsaber duel, Ahsoka in live-action, and The Mandalorian.

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Dave Filoni Reveals Potential Future For Star Wars Rebels Characters

Dave Filoni Talks Star Wars Rebels Future and Potential Sabine Wren Darksaber Storyline

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Dave Filoni Confirms The Mandalorian Season 2 Writer Role, Hints At Future Star Wars Projects

Dave Filoni Talks Writing and Directing on The Mandalorian Season Two and Possible Future Star Wars Projects

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Dave Filoni Posts Thank You Drawing for The Clone Wars Fans

Dave Filoni has posted a drawing on social media thanking fans for supporting The Clone Wars.

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