Every Upcoming Marvel & DC Video Game (2023 & Beyond)

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Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Gotham Knights

For those who have been waiting, the world is about to enjoy somewhat of a superhero gaming renaissance. Gone are the days of awful licensed games taking on favorite heroes like Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, and more. 

Now, after decades of waiting, it is an exciting time for video game takes on these iconic comic characters. While titles like Batman: Arkhan Asylum and Marvel's Spider-Man may have gotten the ball rolling, in the coming years, the output of quality superhero gaming experiences is going to grow

So from Gotham Knights to Marvel's Wolverine, here is every announced DC and Marvel video game that fans can look to enjoy in the coming years. 


Gotham Knights (2022)

Gotham Knights
Warner Bros.

The most imminent of the games on this list is WB Montreal's Gotham Knights. After years of waiting for this new take on Gotham City, gamers are only just getting their first tastes of this new Bat-Fam adventure. 

Set in a world where Batman is dead (supposedly), the rest of the Bat-Family (Red Hood, Bat-Girl, Nightwing, and Robin) have to pick up the pieces left as an ancient threat known as the Court of Owls shows its face. This open-world adventure looks a little different than the Arkham series fans have come to know and love, introducing RPG elements into the fray along with co-op play. 

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (2023)

Harley Quinn, Flash, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League
The Direct

In their first game since Batman: Arkham Knight, Rocksteady's Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will hit store shelves sometime in 2023. The Arkham follow-up sees players take control of the Suicide Squad as they set out to take down some of the most iconic heroes in DC history. 

No firm date has been put on the title, but judging from the glimpses of gameplay shown up to this point, the game does look pretty far along, so surely fans will not be waiting long for Rocksteady's next digital DC adventure

Wonder Woman (TBD)

Wonder Woman game
The Direct

The last up on DC's gaming slate is Wonder Woman. Developed by Monolith Productions (of Shadow of Mordor fame), this super-powered action game will let gamers play as DC's iconic Amazonian. 

Not much is currently known about the title, and all that has been shown is a small teaser trailer from 2021's Game Award, but Warner Bros. has described the project as a "single-player open-world action" experience that will "introduce an original story set in the DC Universe."


Marvel's Midnight Suns (2022)

Marvel's Midnight Suns

Set to hit store shelves on December 2 is Marvel's Midnight Suns. Developed by strategy game virtuosos Firaxis Games (X-COM: Mankind Divided), Midnight Suns offers a unique take on the world of Marvel, focusing on the more supernatural elements of the comic universe and blending them with fan-favorite Marvel heroes

The title will take the world of Marvel Comics and give it a strategy-RPG coat of paint, allowing gamers to level up their hero and participate in strategic card-based battles against some of the biggest names in the Marvel canon. 

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 (2023)

Venom, Spider-Man PS4
The Direct

Coming sometime in 2023, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 has the lofty task of following up critical darlings Marvel's Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales. In what will be Insomniac Games' third stab at the Spidey apple, gamers will see Peter Parker team up with Miles as the pair take on Kraven the Hunter and the villainous Venom. 

No official release date has been locked in for the title, but the tail-end of the game's first and only trailer, up to this point, did list 2023 as Spider-Man 2's release year. 

Marvel's Wolverine (TBD)

Wolverine, Spider-Man
The Direct

And Spider-Man 2 isn't the only Marvel PlayStation-exclusive Insomniax is working on. Revealed at the same event as Insomniac's web-slinging follow-up, Marvel's Wolverine will bring the iconic clawed mutant to the PlayStation 5. 

Information on Wolverine has been slim pickings up to now, but if Insomniac's work with Peter Parker/Spider-Man has been any indication, fans have plenty to be excited about. 

Marvel's Iron Man (TBD)

Iron Man, Iron Man game
The Direct

The most recently unveiled Marvel Games project is Iron Man from Star Wars: Squadrons studio EA Motive. After the Montreal-based team finishes up their work on Dead Space Remake, their next title will be a take on Marvel's metal-clad Avenger. 

Motive's Iron Man has been tabbed as a "single-player, third-person, action-adventure game" that will allow gamers to "feel what it’s like to truly play as Iron Man." There is currently no release information on the title. 

Amy Hennig's Captain America/Black Panther Game (TBD)

Captain America, Black Panther video game
The Direct

Last on the docket is Amy Hennig's currently untitled Captain America/Black Panther game. After an initial reveal at this year's D23 Marvel and Disney Games Showcase, this single-play action game will take gamers back in time as they are treated to a World War II adventure alongside both Captain America and Black Panther. 

The only real details fans currently have on the project are that it is coming from Hennig's team at Skydance New Media and will follow a different version of Black Panther than fans are used to, being Azzuri, T’challa’s grandfather. Other than that, players will take control of the two Marvel heroes as well as a pair of other characters in Howling Commandos member Gabe Jones and a Dora Milaje warrior.

And That is Only Just the Beginning

These are only the first steps into a wider super-powered digital world. Soon the comic book video game dam will break and fans will be playing all sorts of varied experiences across any number of Marvel and DC heroes. 

And this list doesn't even include some of the rumored projects like a potential open-world Black Panther game coming from EA. 

It is all going to happen so fast, and as is the case with these characters on the big screen, soon enough fantastic superhero video games will be the norm, rather than the exception. 

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