Marvel Games Reveals Spider-Man's Next Playable Role Before PS5 Sequel

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Marvel Games surprised everyone when it revealed plans for Midnight Suns. Right out of the gate, it made itself clear as to why it’s a unique experience. For one, it is set to be a mix of X-Com-type strategies mixed with card combat. Secondly, the entire story is original, as is the villain behind it all: the demon Lilith.

Initially, the game was set to land in March of this year. Obviously, that never came to pass, as it ended up being delayed. It’s been a while since more information about the title has come out, but thankfully, that long drought has come to a close with the Summer Game Fest 2022.

Not only is there now a new release date, but fans now know they’ll be able to play as everyone’s favorite Spider-Man.

Spider-Man Revealed For Midnight Suns

A new trailer for Marvel's upcoming Midnight Suns game has been released, which revealed a release date of October 7, and also a brand new playable character: Spider-Man.

Before fans take control of the famous hero in Insomniac's upcoming Spider-Man 2, they'll first be able to follow a different Peter Parker as he joins the fight against the supernatural baddie Lilith who is threatening the entire Marvel Universe—albeit, a different one than seen in the Playstation exclusive. His reveal in the new teaser included a glimpse of a new costume for the famous web-slinger.

Spider-Man, Midnight Suns

On top of that, it was revealed that Venom will be an enemy for players to go up against in the upcoming game—though, he'll be a bit demonized. A fun little tag at the end of the video showcased Spider-Man trying to summon his ol' symbiote pal via the iconic clock tower, which he originally used in the comics to get the alien off of him in the first place.

The character will be voiced by Yuri Lowenthal, who voiced the webhead in the Insomniac Spidey games.

Spider-Man, Midnight Suns

The entire trailer can be seen below.


A Dose of Peter Parker Before Spider-Man 2

It's hard to know what to expect when the story has a completely original villain and concept, but thankfully it looks like the game will still be using plenty of other names from the comics. Seeing how both Venom and Hulk will likely be bosses of some sort, it goes without saying that the two will likely be far from the only two who get converted to the green side.

Maybe once they are defeated, they’ll become playable heroes. Not only would that make sense, but it would expand the roster tenfold—which would be great; variety is the spice of life.

It certainly seems near impossible to release any Marvel game that doesn’t have Spider-Man in it somewhere. At this rate, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Insomniac’s Wolverine game ends up having their webhead as a supporting player.

Marvel's Midnight Suns releases on October 7 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Seres X|S, Xbox One, and PC Versions. The Nintendo Switch version of the game will be released at a later date.

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