Zendaya Shares New Photo to Celebrate Dune 2 Filming

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Zendaya Dune 2 Filming

MCU star Zendaya is deep into production on her next exciting project, Dune: Part Two, with the actress recently sharing an update on her work on the highly-anticipated sequel.

Zendaya remains one of the biggest young names in the entertainment industry thanks to her Emmy-award-winning efforts on HBO Max’s Euphoria and her memorable work in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Now, she's set to return to her role as Chani in Denis Villeneuve's Dune 2.

Zendaya is just one of many huge names that are a part of the Dune sequel, which also includes a couple of MCU co-stars in Yelena Belova actress Florence Pugh and Drax star Dave Bautista. And after the original movie was nominated for a whopping 10 Academy Awards in 2022, Zendaya and her co-stars will look to replicate that same level of acclaim with a sequel that should bring the same sort of scale and scope.

Recently, as filming continues to push forward on the project, Zendaya shared a sneak peek into her progress on the film, adding to the hype that’s already growing.

Zendaya Shares Sneak Peek into Dune 2

Actress Zendaya took to her Instagram Stories to give fans a look into filming on Dune: Part Two, which is just under a year away from its theatrical release.

She shared a beautiful image of a sunset from the set in Abu Dhabi, noting how quiet she's been while "sending love" to fans as she returns to Arrakis, the planet seen in much of the first Dune movie:

"I know I’ve been quiet, but I’m here, just workin as usual…anyway sending love from Arrakis"

Zendaya, Dune 2

Dune Sequel Prepping to Make Waves

While this image from Zendaya doesn't reveal any information about the movie, she and the Dune 2 team appear to be hard at work making sure that their second effort is another successful one. And while director Denis Villeneuve has certainly made headlines for his commentary on other franchises over the past couple of years, he hopes to add a thrilling new chapter to his Dune franchise with one of his rare sequels on the way.

Zendaya and the team now look to recreate the magic of the first Dune movie in Abu Dhabi, which Villeneuve called "an essential partner" for the original movie that made it such a hit. The desert landscape seen in Zendaya's picture made for an incredible backdrop for this unique sci-fi story to use, especially considering that a great deal of the story takes place in this sandy landscape.

With just under a year until the movie premieres, filming will continue to make progress over the next few months before Villeneuve and his team hit the editing room throughout 2023.

Dune: Part Two is due in theaters on November 3, 2023.

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