Zack Snyder Elaborates on Ben Affleck's F-Bomb In Justice League

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As the world looks forward to a relieving end to 2020, DC fans are turning their attention to the upcoming HBO Max release for the Snyder Cut of Justice League. Releasing between many other high-profile releases from both Marvel and DC in 2021, the Snyder Cut has over two years of hype behind it largely thanks to its devoted fan base of Zack Snyder's DCEU vision.

Snyder has made regular appearances via social media platforms to tease what's coming in this new rendition of Justice League, sharing images of the heroes and villains and explaining how this cut will differ from the one that released in theaters in 2017. He has also released previews for the new musical score, hinted that the movie has more VFX shots than any superhero movie in history, and revealed the more adult nature that the movie will adapt.

Directly related to the more mature nature, Snyder has now expanded on one of his past confirmations about explicit language being uttered from Ben Affleck's Batman in the cut...


In an appearance on TheFilmJunkee's Youtube channel, Justice League director Zack Snyder expanded on Ben Affleck's f-bomb that will be included in the Snyder Cut. Snyder didn't reveal when exactly in the movie it will come, but he did indicate it will be "very earned:"

"I'm not gonna say when it happens cause that's a spoiler, like a really big spoiler. You're gonna have to experience it in real-time as they say. But, suffice to say, it's earned. It's a very earned... For sure, f-bomb, but I just mean it's an earned emotional outpouring, if you will. He's in a stressful situation."

The full interview can be seen here:



Ben Affleck's Batman finds himself in a handful of "stressful" situations through the course of Justice League's 2017 theatrical cut. Whether it was fighting against parademons or almost being killed by a reborn Superman, Bruce Wayne certainly dealt with tense surroundings throughout the two-hour runtime.

With the Snyder Cut adding two more hours of story, especially two more hours of potentially R-rated mayhem, it's inevitable that the Caped Crusader will find himself with even more stress. Even with a basic outline of the Snyder Cut's events provided by Joss Whedon's theatrical release, there is no way for fans to pinpoint exactly when this F-bomb will drop.

The way Zack Snyder is teasing this one instance of adult language in Justice League, it will likely be one of the most memorable highlights through this movie's four-hour runtime. This F-bomb and the rest of the exciting action in the Snyder Cut of Justice League will all be revealed upon its HBO Max premiere in March 2021.

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