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Young Justice Season 4 Receives Official Title, Announcement

Young Justice, DC FanDome header
By Aeron Mer Eclarinal

Young Justice is one of the staples of the DC Animated Universe. The superhero show focuses on a group of young heroes looking to step up from the shadows of the older and well-established members of the Justice League.

Young Justice currently has three seasons in the bag, but details about the much-anticipated fourth season are still being kept under wraps. However, DC FanDome changed that since the online convention paved the way for an important announcement about the show's future.


Young Justice
Young Justice at DC FanDome

The fourth season of Young Justice has been officially announced during DC FanDome, and it also received an official title in the form of Young Justice: Phantoms.

During the show's panel , the cast and crew shared that work for the fourth season is well underway, and no release date was announced.

Young Justice: Phantoms Title Reveal (DC FanDome)
Young Justice: Phantoms Title Reveal (DC FanDome)


Fans of Young Justice had a lot of patience when it came to waiting for the third season renewal. It took them years of grassroots campaign for Warner Bros. to take notice, but it eventually led to the birth of Young Justice: Outsiders (the show's third season). Now, it seems that die-hard fans of the franchise will be delighted to know that work for Young Justice: Phantoms is moving forward.

Part of the fun of the Young Justice franchise is its impactful storytelling within the ranks of the Justice League, and Young Justice: Outsiders was a prime example of that. There were several moments of intense feuds and distrusts throughout the third season, and it's likely that the theme will carry over to Phantoms when it officially arrives. It remains to be seen how the narrative will move forward, but the season finale of Outsiders hints that a massive conflict is imminent that will certainly derail the heroes at their core.

No release date has been announced, but this was expected given the uncertainty due to the ongoing health crisis. Still, the confirmed arrival of Young Justice: Phantoms should still excite fans, and this development will certainly be part of major discussions among DC fans.

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