Wonder Woman, The Flash & More DC Characters Mask Up In CDC Commercial

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Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Ezra Miller as Flash

The global pandemic drastically changed the entertainment industry forever. Last year, the rapid growth of coronavirus cases forced numerous delays throughout Hollywood, shifting the release dates of big-budget blockbusters while also putting a pause on several productions

This unprecedented development forced everyone to adjust to the so-called new normal, with mask-wearing and social distancing being implemented around the globe. As for the movie industry, it led to the creation of bubble environments for production combined with (almost) daily COVID-19 testings to move forward. 

Despite the strict protocols, there are still, however, positive COVID-19 tests that emerge, ultimately leading to a stoppage of filming for some films. As the world embraces the year 2021, everyone is hoping for an improvement in the situation. 

Now, a new video has emerged to prompt citizens to continue practicing health protocols during this health crisis. 


Ad Council, in partnership with Warner Bros. and CDC, released a brand-new video to remind everyone to mask up amid the pandemic. The 30-second footage showcases a glimpse of several Warner Bros. films, with an added twist of characters wearing a mask in key scenes. 

As part of the video, iconic DC characters such as Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, and Joker were featured to strengthen the reminder. The full video can be seen below. 

The public service announcement is part of the #MaskUpAmerica national campaign, which aims to promote mask-wearing around the United States. 


As is, this video is a fitting nudge to those who keep forgetting the importance of mask-wearing. In a way, it's appropriate that the ad uses prominent DC heroes to remind the public about this approach, considering the characters' role in saving lives. 

Given that the world has experienced the pandemic for over a year now, the fatigue and restlessness of following minimum protocols are already apparent for some, and it's safe to say that the timing of the release of the video is suitable to reinforce the idea that mask-wearing is of utmost priority. 

It is advisable that citizens around the globe should do their simple part to fend off COVID-19, and it all starts with wearing a mask.

That said, with vaccines being rolled out worldwide, the semblance of normalcy is upon us, and it's only a matter of time before citizens recover from this crisis. If anything, everyone can be their own version of a hero by simply following the needed protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

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