Wonder Woman's Robin Wright Really Wants Amazon Spin-off Movie

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Robin Wright, Themyscira

Amongst all the issues permeating the DC Extended Universe both in front of the camera and behind it, one of the saga's biggest success stories is the Wonder Woman franchise. So far, director Patty Jenkins and starring actress Gal Gadot have led the way on two intriguing solo films with a third confirmed to be on the way.

One of the aspects of these movies that sets it apart from its DCEU companions has been its rich world-building, bringing to screen a living Themyscira and its Amazonians. Last year's Wonder Woman 1984 touched on Diana Prince's early days in the movie's opening scene, and the original Wonder Woman had a solid portion of the runtime dedicated to her life on the fictional DC island.

Themyscira has become a highly discussed topic thanks to its portrayal on screen, so much so that fans and actors alike want to see even more of it.


In a recent chat with Rotten Tomatoes, Wonder Woman star Robin Wright tackled the idea of a movie in the franchise set completely in Themyscira. While nothing like this is specifically planned at the moment, Wright adamantly said that she "would jump at that in a second" if anything came to fruition:

"Oh, I would jump at that in a second if that was ever to come to fruition. That was so much fun, making those movies. That’s a great idea – the whole youth of Diana. You should propose that. Let’s make an Amazon movie!"


Robin Wright's Antiope came into 2017's Wonder Woman as the toughest and most accomplished warrior in Themyscira while she trained a young Diana Prince into much of the hero she became. Unfortunately, she was killed off early in the movie during the battle with German soldiers before she made a short appearance in the opening scene of Wonder Woman 1984 three years later.

Although Wright hasn't been blessed with a ton of screen time in the DCEU to date, she is clearly passionate about her experience making these movies. Additionally, considering the popularity of the Wonder Woman franchise within the DCEU, a movie centered around the Amazons doesn't seem to be completely out of the question.

A film like this would almost certainly be a prequel to Wonder Woman and could take the time to expand on Diana Prince's evolution from a young prodigy into a full-blown warrior. There are still plenty of mysteries surrounding the history of Themyscira and its people and an entire movie centered around that world would provide ample storytelling opportunities while not be restricted with the need to connect to other DC projects. Additionally, the Lynda Carter tease from the end of Wonder Woman 1984 opens the door for her character to be explored in the future.

For now, Warner Bros and DC are continuing with the untitled Wonder Woman 3, which doesn't yet have a release date.

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