Wonder Woman 1984: Gal Gadot Looks Elegant in New Image

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Diana Prince in white gown, image from Wonder Woman 1984

The Amazons sure know how to clean up.

In all her appearances as Diana Prince, Gal Gadot has rocked numerous outfits that have given her a sense of royalty, even when she is undercover.

From cobalt blue gowns topped with a sword , to maroon and gold cocktail dresses perfect for a Lex Luthor party, Diana carries her Amazonian nobility wherever she goes.


Diana Prince seems to always dress to impress. Coming from Reddit , a new Wonder Woman 1984 still showcases Gal Gadot's titular character in a pearly-white gown. While the specifics of this scene remain a mystery, Diana Prince appears to be dressed as her alias here, and not her superhero alter-ego.

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While there's not much to take away from this photo, the attire remains true to the character of Diana Prince.

In the DCEU, Wonder Woman essentially lives three different lives: the lasso-wielding heroin, the incognito civilian, and the fearsome Amazon. Whenever Gadot appears as Diana Prince, she is always dressed like royalty. Her wardrobe gives off a sense of elegance, enough to even catch the attention of Gotham City billionaires. This image upholds that, as even in what appears to be Diana during a calm night, she is still distinguished in her garb.

This images lines up with previous set photos which revealed Gadot's silk-colored robe. Those photos also included Diana sporting a very thin necklace, which is evidently absent from this high-definition image. Perhaps the necklace is a gift, and this image comes before the Amazon puts it on? Time will tell if there is any significance to the missing piece of jewelry.

WW84 is set to hit theatres this fall on October 2, 2020.

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