Full Cast of Wolf Like Me Season 2 - Every Main Actor & Character In Peacock Show

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Wolf Like Me Season 2 poster Josh Gad and Isla Fisher

Wolf Like Me Season 2 is now on Peacock, bringing this colorful cast of characters back into the limelight for another round of supernatural fun. 

The hit comedy debuted back in January 2022, starring the likes of Isla Fisher, Josh Gad, and Ariel Donoghue. It tells the story of a newly single father, his daughter, and a new woman in his life with a deadly secret: she is a werewolf. 

Releasing to generally favorable reviews (sitting at 79% on Rotten Tomatoes), the show would be greenlit for a second batch of episodes, further exploring this complicated budding relationship and the terrifying twist that comes with it. 

Season 2 debuted on the Universal-owned streamer on October 19, with all seven episodes not available to watch. So here is every character that appeared in Wolf Like Me's sophomore run.

Every Main Actor & Character in Wolf Like Me Season 2

Isla Fisher - Mary

Isla Fisher Mary Wolf Like Me
Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher plays Mary in Wolf Like Me, an Australian advice columnist who - after years of being emotionally guarded - connects with a single father named Gary after a string of chance meetings. After revealing she is, in fact, a werewolf to Gary, Season 2 finds the pair expecting with Mary being six months pregnant.

Fisher has worked in Hollywood for the better part of 20 years starring in hits like Confessions of a Shopaholic, James Gunn's Scooby Doo, and the Now You See Me franchise. 

Josh Gad - Gary

Josh Gad Gary Wolf Like Me
Josh Gad

Gary (played by Josh Gad) is the single father of 11-year-old Emma. After the death of his wife (and Emma's mother) seven years prior, Gary struggles to connect with his child. However, that all changes when the charming Mary comes into his life. 

Gad is best known for some of his work on Broadway as well as playing the walking, talking snowman Olaf in Disney's Frozen

Ariel Donoghue - Emma

Ariel Donoghue Emma Wolf Like Me
Ariel Donoghue

Ariel Donoghue's Emma is the forlorn 11-year-old daughter of Josh Gad's Gary. After seven years since her mother died, Emma has become emotionally distant from her dad. She starts to open up, though, when Mary comes into his life, instantly connecting with her dad's new acquaintance. 

Donoghue's other credits include High Life, C*A*U*G*H*T, and Blueback

Emma Lung - Sarah

Emma Lung Sarah Wolf Like Me
Emma Lung

Taking on the role of Gary's sister-in-law Sarah is Emma Lung. After the death of her sister (and Gary's wife, Lisa), Sarah is there to support the now-single father, even letting Emma come and stay with her for a brief time. For most of the series, Sarah pops in and out, offering emotional support where she can while also reeling from Lisa's death. 

Lung can also be seen in Stranded, Triangle, and Crave

Anthony Taufa - Ray

Anthony Taufa Ray Wolf Like Me
Anthony Taufa

Married to Sarah is Anthony Taufa's Ray. Ray is a chipper fellow and a family man, often seen poking fun at his brother-in-law Gary, especially during his romantic pursuit of Mary. 

Taufa's other work includes appearances in Novr and Super Awesome!.

Alan Dukes - Trevor

Alan Dukes Trevor Wolf Like Me
Alan Dukes

Alan Dukes brings to life Trevor in Wolf Like Me. Trevor is a psychiatrist who treats Emma following the death of her mother. Despite being mostly seen working with an 11-year-old, Trevor carries a cold demeanor, which does not make for the easiest patient consults with the grieving pre-teen. 

Dukes is an Australian actor best known for his roles in Last Cab to Darwin, Book Week, and The Little Death.

Honour Latukefu - Olivia

Honour Latukefu Olivia Wolf Like Me
Honour Latukefu

After a few guest appearances in Season 1, Olivia (played by Honour Latukefu) is also a part of Wolf Like Me Season 2. Olivia is the young daughter of Sarah and Ray and the niece of Josh Gad's Gary.

Wolf Like Me is Latukefu's only acting credit to date. 

Edgar Ramirez - Anton

Edgar Ramirez Anton Wolf Like Me Season 2
Edgar Ramirez

A new addition to Season 2 is Edgar Ramirez's Anton. Anton is a dashingly handsome college professor of Mary's from Chicago who 'happens' to visit her on his trip across the globe. Both Gary and Mary grow weary of Anton's sudden appearance, with him seemingly having some sort of ulterior motive. 

Originally born in Venezuela, Ramirez has built up quite the resume in Hollywood, appearing in projects like the 2015 Point Break remake and Scott Derrickson's Deliver Us from Evil

Audrey Nitschke - Abigail

Audrey Nitschke Abigail Wolf Like Me
Audrey Nitschke

For Season 2 of the series, Audrey Nitschke takes on the role of Abigail, a young girl at Emma's school whom the pre-teen befriends. Having not made too many friends since the death of her mother, Abigail becomes a pillar of Emma's support system, serving as a peer for the mourning girl to lean on. 

Wolf Like Me Season 2 marks Nitschke's first major acting credit. 

Robin McLeavy - Caroline

Caroline Robin McLeavy Wolf Like Me
Robin McLeavy

Robin McLeavy plays Caroline, a new character for Wolf Like Me Season 2. Caroline is the mother of Emma's new friend, Abigail, and works in the same office as Josh Gad's Gary. 

McLeavy has previously appeared in AMC's Hell on Wheels, The Loved Ones, and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer

Geoff Morrell - Dr. Peter Stenning

Geoff Morrell Dr. Peter Stenning Wolf Like Me
Geoff Morrell

Dr. Peter Stenning (brought to life by Geoff Morrell) is an obstetrician Mary comes into contact with now that she is pregnant. While Dr. Stenning may want to bring Mary on as a patient to help deliver her baby, he does not know what he is in for as both Gary and Mary worry it could be a werewolf like its mom. 

Morrell can also be seen in Rogue, Rake, and Grass Roots

Felix Williamson - Willem

Felix Williamson Willem Wolf Like Me
Felix Williamson

Felix Williamson's Willem joins Season 2 as a new homeowner Gary crosses paths with in the series' second batch of episodes. Willem and his wife, Lizanne, are a couple 'swinging' new additions to the horror-tinged comedy, popping up in Episode 4 of Season 2 to ask Gary if he would join them in their next free-loving escapade.

Williamson's past credits include The Letdown, Wellmania, and Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby

Andrew Crawford - Wolf Mary

Wolf Like Me Wolf Mary
Andrew Crawford

While Isla Fisher may play Mary in her human form, Andrew Crawford brings the character to life when she is a werewolf. Crawford does the physical performance for Wolf Alice with the VFX team suiting the actor up in three-quarters of a wolf suit before being touched up by visual effects in post-production. 

Crawford is best known for his performance capture work, having appeared as Brine King and King Ricou in DC's Aquaman and as the Flower God in the MCU's Thor: Love and Thunder

Eliza Logan - Lizanne

Eliza Logan Lizanne Wolf Like Me
Eliza Logan

Eliza Logan joins the Wolf Like Me cast as Lizanne, appearing in Season 2, Episode 4 as one-half of a swinger couple that tries to get Josh Gad's Gary to join in on the fun. 

Logan may be recognized for her work on Ladies in Black, Truth, and Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway

Wolf Like Me Season 2 is streaming now in its entirety on Peacock. 

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