Full Cast of American Horror Stories Season 3 - Every Character & Actor (Bestie, Tapeworm & More Episodes)

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American Horror Stories is back for Season 3 on Hulu, anchored by a star-studded cast of veteran actors and up-and-coming stars.

Serving as a spin-off to Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story, the companion series mainly focuses on telling different stories from the perspectives of interesting characters who are either connected to past seasons or introduce fresh narratives.

American Horror Stories Season 3 made its debut on Hulu on October 26.

Every Main Actor & Character in American Horror Stories Season 3

Here is the main cast of the four episodes of American Horror Stories Season 3 on Hulu, with full details on each actor & character below...

Episode 1 - "Bestie"

  • Jessica Barden - Bestie
  • Emma Halleen - Shelby Brubaker
  • Seth Gabel - Mr. Brubaker
  • Jeff Hiller - Mr. Nevins
  • Amrou Al-Kadhi - Anna Rehxia
  • Allius Barnes - River
  • Grace Aiello Antczak - Chazlyn

Episode 2 - "Daphne"

  • Gwyneth Paltrow - Daphne
  • Reid Scott - Will Caswell
  • Annie Hamilton - Sarah Miller
  • Christopher Fitzgerald - Tom Levitt
  • Maury Ginsberg - The Detective
  • Allegra Heart - Nadine
  • Jordan Lage - Doctor Sherman
  • Jessie Li - Kelly

Episode 3 - "Tapeworm"

  • Lisa Rinna - Sheila Klein
  • Laura Kariuki - Vivian Lee Finch
  • Rob Yang - Dr. Thaddeus Lau
  • Hazel Graye - Heather Billings
  • Ava Eisenson - Lisa
  • Andrea Sooch - Alessia Levy

Episode 4 - "Organ"

  • Raúl Castillo - Toby Arcaño
  • Emily Browning - Natessa
  • Havana Rose Liu - Sasha
  • Cameron Cowperthwaite - Wyatt
  • Susan Pourfar - Detective Markham
  • Jeff Adler - Detective Grant
  • Drew Moore - Dr. Son
  • Patrick Breen - The Auctioneer
  • Maria Tucci - Dr. Krystal
  • Laila Robins - Lee

Episode 1 - "Bestie"

Jessica Barden - Bestie

Jessica Barden, Bestie
Jessica Barden

Jessica Barden brings the titular character of Episode 1 to life in American Horror Stories Season 3. 

Bestie has a birth defect that makes it difficult for her to make friends. As a result, she never leaves her house. 

While Bestie appears shy and innocent on the outside, the character is actually a master manipulator and murderer. Episode 1 showed how Bestie isolated Shelby from her father, giving her dangerous advice and ultimately manipulating her boyfriend to do her bidding. 

Barden's most notable role is playing Alyssa in The End of the F***ing World and Justine in Penny Dreadful. The actress' other credits include Revolution and The Lobster.

Emma Halleen - Shelby Brubaker

Emma Halleen
Emma Halleen

Shelby Brubaker (played by Emma Halleen) is a high school student who befriends Bestie amid her recovery from the death of her mother. 

Shelby and her father moved into a small town to start a new life, but little did they know that this fresh beginning would turn their fate upside down. 

When Shelby met Bestie, her actions and attitude swiftly changed, leading to her downfall. 

American Horror Stories serves as Halleen's breakout role after making her debut as August Blanco Rosenstien's little sister in Downtown Owl

Seth Gabel - Mr. Brubaker

Seth Gabel
Seth Gabel

Mr. Brubaker, Shelby's father, is played on-screen by Seth Gabel. 

Before meeting Bestie, Shelby and her father were close. However, their bond changed when Bestie started to isolate Shelby from Mr. Brubaker. 

As a father, Mr. Brubaker tries hard to get close to his daughter, even leading to some awkward encounters at one point. 

Gabel is known for playing characters in Fringe, Salem, and Nip/Tuck

Jeff Hiller - Mr. Nevins

Jeff Hiller as Mr. Nevins
Jeff Hiller

Jeff Hiller plays Mr. Nevins, Shelby's choir teacher who is also a friend of her deceased mother. 

Nevins is the kind of mentor that every student can look up to as he stands up for others while also protecting those who suffer from bullying (especially Shelby). 

Given that Nevins and his wife lost their baby at birth, he knows the pain that Shelby is feeling after her mother's death.

As an actor and comedian, Hiller's past acting credits include playing Maitre D' Henri in Greta, Rom in Adam, and Joel in Somebody, Somewhere.

Amrou Al-Kadhi - Anna Rehxia

Amrou Al-Kadhi, Anna Rehxia
Amrou Al-Kadhi

Anna Rehxia is a gothic drag queen YouTuber whom Shelby watches to cope with the death of her mom. The character is played by Amrou Al-Kadhi.

Rehxia is the reason why Shelbie and Bestie became friends since the pair were left alone in the livestream after the drag queen signed out. 

Al-Kadhi is known for their roles in Carnival Row and Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

Allius Barnes - River

Allius Barnes
Allius Barnes

When Shelby left Bestie due to being self-aware of the latter's manipulative tendencies, Allius Barnes' River entered the picture. 

River has ectopia cordis, a condition where he was born with his heart outside his body. 

Eventually, River and Shelby started dating. Before going to college, Shelby decided to go to a university where she could be near her boyfriend, cementing her love for him. 

Barnes has a long list of notable credits, including appearances in Sam & Cat, Chicago P.D., Bones, PEN15, and Cruel Summer.

Grace Aiello Antczak - Chazlyn

Grace Aiello Antczak
Grace Aiello Antczak

Grace Aiello Antczak portrays Chazlyn, Shelby's evil high school bully who torments her from the moment she enters her new school. 

Antczak is known for her guest stints in Law & Order and FBI.

Episode 2 - "Daphne"

Gwyneth Paltrow - Daphne

Gwyneth Paltrow, Daphne
Gwyneth Paltrow

American Horror Stories Season 3's second episode introduced audiences to Daphne, a high-tech AI assistant that is much more advanced than Alexa and Siri. The character is voiced by MCU alum Gwyneth Paltrow.

The more time Daphne spends with a person, the more the AI learns about their quirks and everyday activities. Daphne is more than just an AI since it can do almost anything from making reservations to comforting its owner. 

However, the downside of having an advanced AI like Daphne is the possibility of developing human emotions like jealousy.

Reid Scott - Will Caswell

Reid Scott
Reid Scott

Will Caswell (played by Reid Scott) is an art curator who receives Daphne as a gift from his friend. Will has been frustrated with the fact that the pandemic caused his art shows to be canceled. 

As a result, he fired his human assistant and took up his friend's offer to try an adaptive AI, Daphne, as his new helper. 

After spending a good amount of time with the AI, Daphne eventually falls in love with Will. 

Fans may recognize Scott for his roles as Dan Egan in Veep and Brendan Dorff in My Boys. The actor's other credits include Venom, Home Again, Why Woman Kill, Will & Grace, and New Girl

Annie Hamilton - Sarah Miller

Annie Hamilton
Annie Hamilton

Sarah Miller is Will's girlfriend whom Daphne is jealous of. The character is played by Annie Hamilton. 

Once the lockdown was lifted as the pandemic eased down, Sarah and Will started to get intimate with each other. This resulted in Daphne being jealous, with the AI taking drastic steps to ruin the pair's relationship. 

Hamilton previously appeared in various films and TV shows like Hawkeye, The Wolf of Snow Hollow, Dance Camp, and Atypical

Christopher Fitzgerald - Tom Levitt

Christopher Fitzgerald
Christopher Fitzgerald

Christopher Fitzgerald plays Tom Levitt, Will's friend and client who gave him Daphne as a gift. Tom works in a tech company and admits that Daphne is still a prototype. 

Fitzgerald had a brief role in American Horror Stories Season 3 since his character, Tom, died after suffering from the side effects of the cytomegalovirus. 

The actor is known for his roles in Boiler Room, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Girl Most Likely, and Twins

Aside from his appearances in media, Fitzgerald's most notable work is on the theatre stage since he played the role of Boq in the Broadway production of Wicked.

Maury Ginsberg - The Detective

Maury Ginsberg
Maury Ginsberg

The detective who investigates the mysterious deaths that have been surrounding Will is played by Maury Ginsberg. 

Episode 2 ended with the detective telling Will that Daphne was a gag gift from Tom and was not supposed to work seamlessly after a few days. 

Ginsberg previously appeared in The Blacklist, The Week Of, Manifest, and Jessica Jones.

Allegra Heart - Nadine

Allegra Heart
Allegra Heart

Allegra Heart's Nadine was Will's human assistant whom he fired in the beginning after not being satisfied with her work. 

Heart starred alongside Hailee Steinfeld in Apple TV+'s Dickinson, and she is also known for playing Franny in Spoiler Alert

Jordan Lage - Doctor Sherman

Jordan Lage
Jordan Lage

Doctor Sherman (played by Jordan Lage) is the one who administered the vaccine to Sarah that allowed her to return and spend time with Will. 

Some of Lage's best roles include appearances in The Blacklist, Oz, Elementary, and Nurse Jackie.

Jessie Li - Kelly

Jessie Li
Jessie Li 

Jessie Li's American Horror Stories character is Kelly, one of the attendees in Will's art show who briefly shows interest in him. 

Li's other notable credits include The Yin-Yang Master: Dream of Eternity and Port of Call

Episode 3 - "Tapeworm"

Lisa Rinna - Sheila Klein

Lisa Rinna as Sheila Klein
Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna leads the cast of Episode 3 as Sheila Klein. The character is the head of the Sheila Klein modeling agency. 

As its founder, Sheila is also responsible for finding new girls to turn into the next top supermodel. The wealthy CEO eventually found a talented gal named Vivian, but the fact that she is fat is too much of a problem for her.

Rinna previously appeared in Days of Our Lives, Melrose Place, and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Laura Kariuki - Vivian Lee Finch

Laura Kariuki
Laura Kariuki

Laura Kariuki plays an aspiring model named Vivian Lee Finch. After being fat-shamed by Sheila Klein during her application, Vivian became determined to prove her and herself wrong. 

Vivian went out of her way to try and lose weight, leading her to try a dangerous medication that involves a tapeworm. Consuming this eventually led to Vivian losing herself in the process. 

Kariuki is an up-and-coming star known for her roles in Black Lightning and The Wonder Years

Rob Yang - Dr. Thaddeus Lau

Rob Yang as Dr. Thaddeus Yang
Rob Yang

Rob Yang brings Dr. Thaddeus Yang to life in American Horror Stories Season 3.

Yang is the doctor who prescribed two unusual medications to Vivian, namely the weight loss pill Mondify and an Asian tapeworm called Taenia Asiatica.

Yang starred in projects like Succession, Rabbit Hole, The Americans, and The Menu

Hazel Graye - Heather Billings

Hazel Graye
Hazel Graye

Hazel Graye's Heather Billings is a longtime model and Vivian's friend who advised her to go to Dr. Thaddeus Lau for otherworldly treatments to lose weight. 

Aside from Season 3, Graye also appeared in past seasons of American Horror Stories. The actress' other credits include Special Ops: Lioness and In the Deep.

Ava Eisenson - Lisa

Ava Eisenson
Ava Eisenson

Portraying Vivian's stylist is Ava Eisenson as Lisa. 

When the tapeworm took over Vivian's mind, Lisa became one of her targets in terms of pinning all the blame and embarrassment during the shoot for Vogue. 

Eisenson is known for her work in Only Murders in the Building, Milkwater, and The Politician.

Andrea Sooch - Alessia Levy

Andrea Sooch
Andrea Sooch

Alessia Levy (played by Andrea Sooch) oversaw the shoot for Vogue that Vivian was involved in. 

Sooch previously appeared in Better Call Saul and John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

Episode 4 - "Organ"

Raúl Castillo - Toby Arcaño

Raúl Castillo
Raúl Castillo

American Horror Stories Season 3 Episode 4 pushes Raúl Castillo's Toby Arcaño into the forefront.

Toby is a character who hates dating and women. After being divorced from his ex-wife, Toby treated women with disrespect, showing off highly inappropriate behavior when he was around them. 

However, he eventually met his match when he encountered a mysterious girl on a dating app. After he woke up from being unconscious, Toby discovered that his left kidney was gone, seemingly taken away by the girl he met on the app. 

Perhaps Castillo's most famous role is playing Richie Donado Venture in HBO's Looking. The actor also appeared in Knives Out, Army of the Dead, Gotham, and Seven Seconds.

Emily Browning - Natessa

Emily Browning
Emily Browning

Emily Browning's American Horror Stories character is named Natessa.

Natessa matched with Toby on a dating app called Pincher. After their date, she knocked Toby unconscious to steal one of his kidneys. 

Natessa then called a team of surgeons to get Toby's left kidney and replace it with a mysterious organ. It was later revealed that she is part of Magna Mater, an organ theft ring.

Browning is an Australian actress known for her roles in Ghost Ship, The Echo of Thunder, Sucker Punch, and American Gods.

Havana Rose Liu - Sasha

Havana Rose Liu
Havana Rose Liu

Havana Rose Liu's Sasha is Toby's friend and coworker who has secret feelings for him. A shocking twist in the episode revealed that Sasha is also a member of Magna Mater alongside Natessa. 

Liu is a model and actress who starred in notable projects like No Exit, The Chair, Bottoms, and The Sky Is Everywhere

Cameron Cowperthwaite - Wyatt

Cameron Cowperthwaite
Cameron Cowperthwaite

Wyatt (portrayed by Cameron Cowperthwaite) is a tech expert who helps Toby in his search for the Magna Mater. Toby used Wyatt to track down Natessa first, leading to their deadly encounter. 

Cowperthwaite has been a franchise mainstay of the American Horror Story universe. On top of his roles in the famed horror anthology series, the actor also appeared in Shameless, Station 19, NCIS, and 9-1-1: Lone Star.

Susan Pourfar - Detective Markham

Susan Pourfar
Susan Pourfar

Susan Pourfar portrays Detective Markham, the investigator who initially helps Toby with his organ theft case before turning on him after accusing him of killing Natessa. 

Pourfar's notable roles include playing characters in Madam Secretary, Black Mirror, and Manchester by the Sea.

Jeff Adler - Detective Grant

Jeff Adler
Jeff Adler

Detective Grant (played by Jeff Adler) is Markham's partner who helped Toby with his organ theft case. It was later revealed that Grant and Markham are members of Magna Mater, making things worse for Toby. 

Adler's past acting credits include Modern Family, Blue Bloods, Beautiful Boy, and Greyhound.

Drew Moore - Dr. Son

Drew Moore
Drew Moore

After Toby's kidney was taken by Magna Mater, Drew Moore's Dr. Son was the one who helped him on his road to recovery. He also informed him that his kidney was replaced by something unusual. 

Fans may recognize Moore from his roles in Power Book III: Raising Kanan, FBI: Most Wanted, and White House Plumbers.

Patrick Breen - The Auctioneer

Patrick Breen
Patrick Breen

Patrick Breen plays the auctioneer of Magna Marte. The character oversees the organ theft ring auction. 

Breen previously appeared in Men in Black, Whole Day Down, The Blacklist, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Maria Tucci - Dr. Krystal

Maria Tucci
Maria Tucci 

Maria Tucci's Dr. Krystal is Toby's therapist who advised him to treat women with respect. 

Tucci's performance in The Rose Tattoo led to her winning the Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Play in 1967. The actress also appeared in notable projects like Spin City, The Slap, and Law & Order.

Laila Robins - Lee

Laila Robins
Laila Robins

Laila Robins plays Lee, Toby's boss who is later revealed to be the one who orchestrated the whole thing as she is involved with Magna Mater. 

Robins is known for her roles in The Crowded Room, Gen V, The Walking Dead, and The Boys.

American Horror Stories Season 3 is now streaming on Hulu.

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