Why Zack Snyder Chose 'Hallelujah' For His Justice League Trailer

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Zack Snyder's cut of Justice League has had a long and rough road to production. While the Man of Steel director was originally intended to helm the Justice League team-up film, a tragic loss in Snyder's family forced him to leave the project, leading Warner Brothers to over the reins of the film to Joss Whedon.

Now, years later, the visionary director is finally getting to finish what he started, as Zack Snyder's four-hour cut of Justice League prepares to premiere on HBO Max in 2021. DC FanDome recently provided fans with a lot of interesting details about the upcoming project, including a full-length trailer set to the famous ballad "Hallelujah," and now Zack Snyder has given some more insight as to why that specific song was chosen.


During the Reel in Motion Roundtable discussion on YouTube, Zack Snyder revealed the emotional reasons for choosing the trailer's song, "Hallelujah." When asked why Snyder wanted to use that specific song in the trailer, Snyder stated:

It was a real personal song for our family... It's something that felt like, you know, it was right for this.

Snyder was then asked if this film was sort of like his personal "hallelujah moment," to which the director responded:

Yeah and I think that that song in particular... really, for all of us... it has significance beyond just the movie. And I think we all love the song and it just felt like... that song was the right way to do it.

The entire conversation can be seen around the 1:03:30 mark.


The decision to use the incredibly popular emotional song "Hallelujah" for a superhero trailer was definitely out of the ordinary, but it worked, and it was very in line with Snyder's style of filmmaking. The Snyder Cut trailer harkened back to the director's talent for emotional montages, and it definitely set the tone for how his version of Justice League would be different than the theatrical one.

The moving decision to use "Hallelujah" makes the trailer that much more special. Not only are fans finally getting to see this long-awaited version of the film, but it also appears that Snyder is getting some personal closure by finishing his DCEU story-arc, and this trailer celebrates all of it.

The trailer also focused on some more of the emotional and character-driven scenes which would be featured in the director's cut of the film. Zack Snyder started his journey with these characters all the way back in 2013, and almost a decade later he's getting the chance to finish what he started. Even though 2021 is still a bit of a wait, at least fans can watch and rewatch this beautiful trailer until then.

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