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Whitney Rose Pynn in Cellphone movie

Whitney Rose Pynn takes her place as a rising star in Hollywood thanks to her role in Cellphone, and there is plenty to know about the leading actress.

Released on February 13, Cellphone's central character is a woman who is suffering from PTSD following her fiance's death before she sees disturbing images about her future on her cell phone.

Wynne (played by Whitney Rose Pynn) has to figure out the mystery behind those pictures in a limited amount of time before her own life is threatened.

Meet Whitney Rose Pynn - Biography Details

Whitney Rose Pynn sitting in a car in Cellphone

Whitney Wanted To Be a Ballet Dancer

Before she became an actor, Whitney Rose Pynn had slightly different ambitions, wanting to be a professional ballet dancer.

According to a profile written Press Pass LA, Pynn attended The School of American Ballet in New York City between the ages of 10 and 16. She danced with New York City Ballet and American Ballet Theater, starring in shows like The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, and A Midsummer Night's Dream.

At 16 years old, she left her ballet flats behind and switched her focus to acting. She eventually went to college at the University of Maryland and majored in Theatre & Psychology, taking regular roles in her school's theater program.

Whitney Owns Her Own Home Organization Business

Outside of her work, Pynn is a self-made business owner, running a company called Positiv Space.

Pynn's work allows her to help her clients get better organized in their day-to-day lives, more specifically with their living situations at home. The company's website includes clutter cleaning, eco-friendly solutions, downsizing, and moving support.

The help her company provides ranges from working with materials that families already have or suggesting new purchases to help make their visions real.

Another important aspect of her business is compassion, meaning she puts mental and physical health above any other goals. She finds ways to help work around any potential issues while still accomplishing her clients' goals effectively.

More information can be found on the company's website (www.mypositivspace.com) and Instagram at @positivspace.

Whitney Is an Advocate for Mental Health

As detailed in an October 2020 Facebook post, along with her store's website, Pynn is a passionate advocate for mental health. 

The Facebook post even celebrated World Mental Health Awareness with a look back at one of her own experiences.

Three years prior, she experienced a "manic episode" that came shortly after one of her friends committed suicide, taking her completely by surprise. She had another manic episode a year later and was "officially diagnosed as Type I Bipolar."

Thankfully, the TV and movie star now has a handle on her diagnosis, calling "nature, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and self-compassion" the most important things she uses to keep herself in a good state mentally.

Included in her support of mental health is a passion for children's mental health. Her Facebook post teased her involvement in The Butterfly Run, a 5K run and walk put on to raise funds and build awareness for pediatric behavioral health research at Nationwide Children's Hospital.

Whitney Met Her Husband Working on Cellphone

While working on her most recent movie, 2024's Cellphone, Pynn coincidentally met the man who would eventually become her life partner.

As detailed in a Facebook post, Pynn revealed to her fans that she met her fiance, Jared Noble, while working on Cellphone.

She even described it as "the greatest film [she has] ever worked on" after meeting him, and she often shares her love for him on social media as their relationship grows.

She celebrated his birthday in October on Facebook, praising him for the way he "[radiates] love and kindness." In that post, she also exclaimed how much she "can’t wait to marry the sh*t outta [him]."

"Happy belated birthday to my angel! You radiate love and kindness and make me the happiest girl in the world and make this world a better place. Thank you for going above every single day. I can’t wait to marry the sh*t outta you!!!"

Cellphone Is Whitney’s First Movie in Five Years

Shortly after revealing the first poster for Cellphone, Pynn revealed on Facebook that this was the first movie she'd worked on in five years.

Noting how it "single-handedly changed every single aspect of [her] life," Pynn explained how she took a break from acting to focus on her mental health. She did not feel she had the energy to go on auditions for roles anymore but would consider something if it were "to fall into [her] lap."

It only took her a few days to connect with one of her old directors, H.K. Lowry, who had recommended her for the lead role in a film he'd discussed with other producers. The character's struggle with mental health issues drew her to the role, even though her therapist and parents were nervous it would set her back.

She pleaded her case and took the part, and she is eternally grateful for having "gained a new family with the producers and crew of the film" during production. The post also included a lesson she learned from the experience as she told fans to follow their passion "even if it feels scary" when called to it.

How To Follow Whitney Rose Pynn Online

Whitney Rose Pynn's social media profiles can be found on Facebook (Whitney Rose Pynn) and Instagram (@whitneyrosepynn).

Cellphone is now streaming on Hulu.

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