Meet Chloe Tucker Caine from 'Owning Manhattan': 4 Things to Know About the Realtor

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Chloe Tucker Caine from Owning Manhattan

One of the star agents of Netflix's Owning Manhattan is former Broadway performer Chloe Tucker Caine. 

Owning Manhattan offers an inside look at the competitive, high-stakes world of New York City luxury real estate and follows mogul Ryan Serhant, the CEO of SERHANT. brokerage, and a roster of his top agents.

Among them is Los Angeles, California and media personality Chloe Tucker Caine. 

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4 Things To Know About Chloe Tucker Caine

Chloe Tucker Caine from Buying Manhattan

Chloe Tucker Caine Starred in Mamma Mia! on Broadway

Before finding success in real estate, Chloe Tucker Caine's background was in theater. She starred in Mamma Mia! on Broadway. 

In sharing her backstory with Candice Georgiadis (via Medium), Caine explained her current career began when she "started airbnbing my apartment" between stage gigs:

"My background is in theater, I started performing from a young age in Los Angeles where I grew up, before starring in 'Mamma Mia!', around the country and on Broadaway. In between gigs, I started airbnbing my apartment to make extra money, and I fell in love with the freedom it brought, got my license, and have never looked back!"

Chloe Left Broadway to Pursue Real Estate

Caine officially got into real estate in 2019, and according to her YouTube channel, she "closed over 150 rental transactions" while also building "a substantial following on her social media platforms" during her first year on the job. 

This success gained Ryan Serhant's attention and catapulted her new off-stage career. She ultimately joined Serhant's brokerage firm in 2021. 

As for her decision to leave Broadway behind, Caine admitted to Candice Georgiadis, "I never thought I would end up in Real Estate," but when I "started saying yes to things a lot of doors opened:"

"Say yes to everything when you are starting out! That was a big one for me. I never thought I would end up in Real Estate, I was very stuck on this idea of being a performer, but the second I started saying yes to things a lot of doors opened. I took that with me through the start of my career as well, there was no project that was too small, I just kept saying yes."

Chloe Currently Lives in New York City

While originally from Los Angeles, Chloe Tucker Caine has made New York City not only her office but also her home.

According to her SERHANT bio, she lives with her husband and toy poodle, Sadie, in Flatiron. Earlier this year, Caine confirmed on Instagram that her family recently grew with the birth of her child, Charley Caine. 

Chloe Used to Make YouTube Videos

Before appearing in Netflix's Owning Manhattan, Chloe made YouTube real estate videos offering tips, how-to guides, and New York City apartment tours.  

Not only did they educate audiences about certain properties in the city and how to buy, but they also familiarized audiences with her. 

How To Follow Chloe Tucker Caine Online

Chloe Tucker Caine is active on social media, with accounts on Instagram (@chloeinmanhattan) and TikTok (@chloetuckercaine).

Owning Manhattan is streaming on Netflix.

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