Full Cast of Owning Manhattan on Netflix: Meet the Real People Who Appear (Photos)

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Owning Manhattan main cast members

A collection of ambitious real estate agents led by Ryan Serhant aims to become the number one brokerage in the world in Netflix's Owning Manhattan

Owning Manhattan chronicles the journey of SERHANT. CEO Ryan Serhant as he leads his team of real estate agents as they encounter elite competition in the open market, all trying to secure New York's renowned luxury listings.

Owning Manhattan premiered on Netflix on June 28.

Every Main Real Estate Agent of Owning Manhattan

Ryan Serhant

Ryan Serhant in Owning Manhattan Episode 1
Ryan Serhant

Ryan Serhant is the founder and CEO of SERHANT. and one of the top real estate brokers in the world who garners over a billion dollars in sales every year. 

Ryan has 12 years of experience selling real estate and is also a former cast member of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing New York for 10 years. 

He embraces the challenge of competing with other huge brokerages, not just in New York, but across the world. 

Ryan reveals in Episode 1 that SERHANT. is the sixth brokerage in New York City, but he is not satisfied with that because he wants his company to be the first.

Chloe Tucker Caine

Chloe Tucker Caine in Owning Manhattan Episode 1
Chloe Tucker Caine

Chloe Tucker Caine is a Los Angeles native who traveled to New York to chase her dream of becoming one of the best real estate agents in the world as well as pursuing her goal of becoming a Broadway star. 

Chloe, who is the self-proclaimed queen of collecting off markets, has sold over $100 million worth of real estate, and she hopes to continue her momentum in Owning Manhattan.

In Episode 1, Chloe uses SERHANT. as leverage when trying to sell a property of a potential client named Marla, telling her that the brokerage is transforming the industry like never before. She also says that she has a lot of clients who are influencers and YouTubers.

Nile Lundgren

Nile Lundgren in Owning Manhattan Episode 1
Nile Lundgren

Nile Lundgren is a veteran in the world of real estate and a longtime member of SERHANT. 

He has over $300 million in sales and he is not shy to mess around with the rookies of the brokerage as shown in Owning Manhattan Episode 1. 

Nile explains that no listing will be handed to the veterans and the rookies and they must earn them to impress Ryan Serhant. 

Tricia Lee

Tricia Lee in Owning Manhattan Episode 1
Tricia Lee

Tricia Lee has an illustrious solo career in real estate before moving to SERHANT., with her bagging over $200 million in sales.

Tricia is laser-focused on selling luxury homes and rentals in Brooklyn, New York,  with Ryan Serhant praising her expertise in the neighborhood which often translates to sales.

Tricia is the proud owner of a nail salon named Polishbar and this is how she has made connections to almost everyone in Brooklyn. 

Jade Shenker

Jade Shenker in Owning Manhattan Episode 2
Jade Shenker

Another leading agent in SERHANT. is Jade Shenker. 

Jade reveals in Episode 2 that her main goal in the company is to run the best commercial division that New York has ever seen and make it sexy. 

Jade wants to prove to Ryan that she can sell any other building in the Manhattan skyline.

Jess Markowski

Jess Markowski in Owning Manhattan Episode 1
Jess Markowski

Another real estate agent who joins the cast of Owning Manhattan is Jess Markowski.

Jess Markowski is a true New Yorker and she hopes to use her NYC roots to her advantage when selling real estate. 

Jess is friends with newbie Savannah at SERHANT., and their bond is showcased throughout the episodes of Owning Manhattan.

Jessica Taylor

Jessica Taylor in Owning Manhattan Episode 1
Jessica Taylor

Jessica Taylor, a leading SERHANT. agent, is considered by Ryan as a "closer" since she sells everything that is difficult. 

Jess has over $500 million in sales and she previously worked in London before moving to New York to reignite her real estates career.

Jordan Hurt

Jordan Hurt in Owning Manhattan Episode 1
Jordan Hurt

Jordan Hurt started as Ryan Serhant's assistant and he transitioned into real estate agent working under the umbrella of SERHANT.

Jordan's 11 years of experience combined with his learnings during his time as an assistant for Ryan makes him a formidable agent in the busy world of real estate.

Jonathan Nørmølle

Jonathan Nørmølle in Owning Manhattan Episode 1
Jonathan Nørmølle

Jonathan Nørmølle is a newcomer to the SERHANT. team and he acknowledges that he is having a hard time for others to like him.

Jonathan shares that his brand are mainly focused on celebrities, Instagram models, Wall Street guys, and individuals who know about cryptocurrency. 

Jordan March

Jordan March in Owning Manhattan Episode 1
Jordan March

Jordan March is a managing partner at the Empire Collective division at SERHANT and is considered by Ryan as one of "the best of the best" agents in his company. 

Jordan has 16 years of experience and has sold over $1 billion in sales throughout his career. 

Savannah Gowarty

Savannah Gowarty in Owning Manhattan Episode 1
Savannah Gowarty

Savannah Gowarty is a Charlotte, North Carolina native who moved to New York to make a name for herself in the world of real estate. 

Before joining SERHANT., Savannah worked for a custom home builder focused on selling high-end luxury properties.

Savannah proclaims that she came to New York with one goal in mind at SERHANT.: she wants to work her way up and sell multi-million dollar properties. 

Jeffrey St. Arromand

Jeffrey St. Arromand in Owning Manhattan Episode 1
Jeffrey St. Arromand

Part of the cast of Owning Manhattan is Jeffrey St. Arromand, Tricia Lee's boyfriend and work partner. 

Aside from his real estate experience, Jeffrey is also a three-time Emmy Award-winning producer whose connections with strong figures in the world of sports serve as an advantage for his sales. 

In Episode 1, Tricia and Jeffrey made a record-setting deal for a luxurious property in Brooklyn, earning them a spot in the infamous wall of fame at SERHANT.

Owning Manhattan is now streaming on Netflix.

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