Who Dies In White Lotus Season 1? Full Death Breakdown

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White Lotus Season 1 characters

The beginning of The White Lotus Season 1 teases that someone from the show's cast doesn't live through the finale––here's a breakdown of the unlucky soul who kicks the bucket.

The White Lotus is a satirical drama-comedy on Max that follows the lives of extremely wealthy guests on vacation at an exotic luxury resort while exploring their social dynamics and viewpoints on the world.

Who Died in White Lotus Season 1?

Murray Bartlett as Armond in The White Lotus Season 1, Episode 6

Sadly, the person who does not survive the show is Hotel Manager Armond, played by The Last of Us actor Murray Bartlett.

But before explaining his last moments at the White Lotus, it's best to explore how he got there in the first place.

It all began with a small mistake: Armond never realized that his trainee employee was pregnant, leading to a stressful and surprise labor. Understandably, he felt guilty for not noticing, and it pushed him toward breaking his sobriety.

His mental state isn't aided by wealthy tourist Jake Lacy, who is convinced that he and his wife were placed in the wrong room for their honeymoon. Annoyingly, he's correct, as the hotel accidentally double-booked the Pineapple Suite.

As the manager, Armond tries to cover for the hotel's mistakes. Ultimately, this causes an ever-growing rift between the two men, leading to Armond's death.

Another big part of Armond's fall from grace is how he finds the backpack of Brittany O'Grady's Paula and Sydney Sweeney's Olivia Mossbacher, which is filled with a collection of various drugs.

In his stressed and fragile state, Armond gives in, self-medicating and falling deeper as the season progresses. He even brings one of his co-workers down with him (Lukas Gage's Dillion). Thankfully, though, Dillon does not die.

Armond's fateful moment occurs not long after he realizes he's about to be fired, thanks to Shane calling in a few favors from people he knows. In retaliation, Armond feels it is fitting to enter Shane's room and shit on his luggage.

Shortly after doing the deed, as he's about to leave, Shane enters. What ensues is a tense situation where Armond tries to avoid detection. Instead, he accidentally walks right into a knife Shane has at the ready to protect himself from the intruder.

Shocked, Murray Bartlett's Armond stumbles back and falls into the bathtub. That marks the final resting place of White Lotus' manager.

Who Were the Other Possible Contenders for the Dead White Lotus Guest?

At the end of the season, the two biggest suspects of being the potential dead body, mostly due to Jake Lacy's Shane Patton's presence, were either Alexandra Daddario's Rachel Patton or Molly Shannon's Kitty Patton.

Perhaps Shane could have killed (purposefully or accidentally) Rachel for trying to divorce him, or Rachel could have snapped and taken it out on his mother, who she was actively upset to see show up in the first place.

However, some audiences thought Steve Zahn's Mark Mossbacher or Connie Britton's Nicole Mossbacher could have been the victim of bad luck following Kai's botched robbery in their hotel room.

Those who have watched Season 1 of the show should catch up on Season 2, which takes the action to Sicily, Italy. The all-star cast for that adventure includes Jennifer Coolidge, Theo James, Aubrey Plaza, Michael Imperioli, and more.

As for Season 3, according to Warner Bros. Discovery, the new season of The White Lotus will be one of its first projects out of the gates in 2025.

The White Lotus is streaming on Max.

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